Friday Night is Date Night: Laugh Alot

We love date nights.  Whether it’s dinner and a movie, or roaming around a mega store (see Part I), we know it’s important in any marriage or relationship, to set intentional time to be together. Our definition of a date is a loose one.. We just encourage you to be purposeful, joyful, and loving in your time together. This is our series to record our date nights and give you ideas and encouragement to continuously date each other.

For this week’s date we will be going to see Brian Regan at the Ferguson Center in Newport News this Sunday, August 30th. He is a super talented comedian that is one of the funniest guys out there without being crass. We love listening to him, and quote him all the time around the house. We both knew Brian Regan when we first started dating, so we really connected through making each other laugh trying to quote some of his awesome material. To get a taste of some of his first material, type his name into youtube and type in Brian Regan Emergency Room, and just start from there! (or just click this link!)

The Date: A night of Laughs! Brian Regan at the Ferguson Center For The Arts.

Cost: $40+ per person. Depending on where you want to sit really.

How to: Because Laura graduated from CNU, and was in charge of organizing different events for the school at the Ferguson Center, we try to keep an eye on who and what comes to town. Once we found out that Brian Regan was coming, we made sure to put it on the calendar. We bought our tickets from Stubhub as they were running a special at the time. I know that the Ferguson Center is still selling tickets for the event too, but shop around and you may be able to save a few dollars.

Time sensitive?: Yes. He is only in the Newport News area for one night. But, he normally comes to the area at least once during his tours.

Location: CNU’s Ferguson Center for the Arts: 1 Avenue of the Arts, Newport News, VA 23606.

Approximate Time: 2 Hours

Preparation needed?:  Print your tickets at home ahead of time, and that’s it!

Brian Regan

The Friday Night is Date Night Series:

Intro to Date Nights 

I. Our First Date

II. The Drive In

III. Be Active

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