Planning a Bridal Shower

So I’ve never had to plan a bridal shower.  I’ve helped out with a few baby showers, or engagement parties.. but really that just means I bring some cake and decorations.  But when your best friend is getting MARRIED (I can’t help but write that in all’s just so exciting), you need to do more than a cake and decorations.  You gotta go big.  So when I started planning Caitlin’s shower I knew I wanted to do something she was going to love.. but had no idea where to start.  If you’re in the same pickle.. I’m hoping this post with help you plan a perfect shower for your bestie..


Enlist a team: 

Usually the bridesmaids will be all over this.  It’s part of their job, and for the most part, they will be excited to help.  Don’t try to tackle this on your own!


Ask the bride for a list of guests: 

This will help get an idea of how many people might attend, and what sort of space you will need to accommodate everyone.  And it’s a party for her.. make sure everyone is there she wants there!  (This will also help you figure out if she wants a Jack & Jill shower).

Choose a Theme: 

Or at least a color story.  It will help everything look really purposeful and thought out.. and it’s super easy to do.  For Caitlin, I knew right away that I wanted to make everything SPRINKLED.. she is obsessed and bright and colorful fits her so perfectly.  Easy choice.  I googled and pinterest-ed “sprinkles party” and mostly found blogs from 3 year olds birthdays.. so I had to do some adjusting, but I got some really good ideas.


Choose a location, date, and time: 

Usually it’s easiest/most economical to have it at someone’s home (a bridesmaid or family friend of the bride), but it’s always a blast to rent out a party room at a local restaurant.. or go totally off the wall with a themed location (rent a boat, go bowling, or if it’s the perfect time of year – find an outdoor spot to rent).  Usually pick a weekend (ask the bridesmaids and family first to make sure the “VIP” guests can attend).  Showers usually don’t include full meals, so pick a time that isn’t a major meal time.

Divide and conquer some tasks: 

Who will be responsible for…

  • Invitations and RSVPs?
  • Food (we divided savory and sweets.. or you could have each bridesmaid bring a dish)
  • Drinks
  • Paper products (plates, napkins, utensils, etc.)
  • Decorations
  • Games/prizes
  • Favors
  • Guestbook
  • Music/entertainment
  • If you don’t hire a photographer, put someone in charge of taking pictures

Figure out a “day of” plan: 

  • Who will come early to help set up?
  • Who can stay late to clean up?
  • Who will create the paper plate rehearsal bouquet?
  • Who will write down names/gifts for thank you cards?
  • Who will run the games?

On the day: 

  • Don’t sweat the details – Forgot to grab ice?  No problem.  Stay calm, relax, and celebrate your bride.  Don’t let the little things stress you, your guests, or your guest of honor out!  Just have fun!
  • Encourage mingling.  This can often be a melting pot of people.. gals from all walks of the bride’s life.. so they won’t necessarily all know each other.  As host, make sure everyone is included!
  • Love on your bride.  If she needs a plate a food, grab her one.  Doesn’t have a drink in her hand ’cause she is to busy meeting and greeting?  Fill up a cup.  Stuck with a chatty aunt and is too polite to break the conversation to mingle around?  Step in.  Is she struggling to lift and organize all the gifts?  Lend a hand by making a stack of opened presents and picking up a new gift for her so she can stay comfy in her seat.


I hope this helps you plan a perfect celebration for your bestie bride-to-be!  Let me know if you have any questions!!!

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