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I’m posting like crazy about this bridal shower.  The thing is, I’d never planned a bridal shower so I was at a complete loss of what do to, and what to make sure y’all feel comfortable throwing an awesome shower so your bride feels extra special.  I promise I’m almost done posting about it.. but I COULDN’T miss out on sharing these games.  I had a really hard time planning games, because Caitlin really doesn’t love games.. like at all.. but I felt like we should have some things to get the party going/I LOVE games and couldn’t resist.  So I (with some help) came up with three that were SO MUCH FUN!

Game 1: Disney Love Songs 

This was a great one to get started with.  And fit the crowd so well… aren’t we all just a bunch of kids who want to sing along to some Disney songs?  I came up with a list of 10 different Disney love songs and played a short clip from each.  Guests had to write down the name of the song (for 1 point) and what Disney movie it was from (for 1 point).  It was so fun.. even the adults were getting into it.. Once I had played all 10 short clips, I went through and showed a longer clip of the movie on the TV.  It was a serious blast.   One girl actually got 15 points!  I thought I put some really hard ones in there.. guess not!

I added the short clips (don’t show the video, just let guests listen and try to guess), and the long clips (show the video so guests have the right answers) to YouTube, so you can use them to play!


In case you need to listen to the clips while you read through the rest of the post…

Game 2: He said/She said

We used this set of questions found on The Blue Eyed Dove.  And Lauren (another bridesmaid) made these adorable lips and mustaches.  I called the bride and groom separately and had them answer each question.. and wrote down EVERYTHING they said.  [If you play this game, definitely CALL and don’t just send the questions for them to write on their own.  The answers will be a lot more real if it’s just what they say rather than what they sit down and think about, then write.]

At the shower, each guest got one lip and one mustache.  Lauren read a question and then I gave one of the responses.  Guests had to guess whether it was the bride’s response (by holding up the lips) or the groom’s (by holding up the mustache).  We wanted to have a winner, so we had everyone stand in the beginning and then sit down if they got it wrong.  Last person standing won.  (We had two winners after going through all the questions.)  After the guest had a chance to guess and we told the right answer, we read the other’s response because they were all so cute.


An example of one of the questions..

she said

^ pretty sure she wouldn’t have written that to me.. so glad I called for these adorable responses!


“Game” 3: Pass the Presents

PLAY THIS GAME!!! I’m not even someone who really minds if I’m the center of attention or not, but I’ll tell ya that opening all those gifts at a shower can get exhausting.. and weird. (That makes me sound super ungrateful.. and that’s not my intention at all.. but let’s just admit that opening a bunch of gifts you registered for while everyone looks on, can get awkward reallll quick).  AND if your bride hates being the center of attention, this game is perfection.

We took this story and made some edits so it was the real proposal story for our bride and groom.  SO fun incorporating the real proposal story, because a lot of guests hadn’t heard it before.  Everyone sits in a circle and each guest picks up one of the presents for the bride.  We threw in one “WINNER” bag to make it more like a game (whoever had the winner bag at the end, got the prize inside).

We read through the proposal story and each time you heard the word “left” you had to pass the present to the left, and each time you heard the word “right” you had to pass the present to the right.  You get to hear a cute proposal story, everyone has fun trying to keep up with the story, someone gets a prize, and you help your bride out.  At the end of the story, go around the circle and help your bride open all her gifts.  One at a time, open the gift you were left with and show it off to the room.  Everyone still gets to see all the fun gifts, your bride still gets to hug and say thank you, but she doesn’t have to have the attention on her the whole time.  I. Love. This.


As a reward for making it to the end of this super long post, I have created a google doc. for all the things we made for these games so you don’t have to try and recreate them on your own!

  • Disney Love Songs – write the answers (I added a Disney love quote to the top of each sheet.. pretty sure no one noticed, but I thought it was cute.. anyways that’s why there are so many sheets) and answer sheet
    • Short clips (just let guests listen)
    • Longer clips (show the video so everyone can see the movie and know the song title)
  • He Said/She Said (I reordered the questions from a blog, linked above, to make it make the most sense to me..)
  • Lips and Mostache printables 
  • Pass The Presents (I definitely suggest writing your own story based on the couple.  It’s fun for the guests to hear a little about the soon to be newlyweds while playing!)

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Those games were SO fun!! You did an amazing job 🙂 – straight from the mouth of the girl who hates games.

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