Friday Night is Date Night!

One of our big “whys” for this business of ours is that we want to encourage other couples.  We want our couples’ marriages to be the ones that last forever.  And aside from giving images that remind them of the time in their lives when they choose to pledge their lives to each other, we want to give them ways to strengthen their love long after that day and make it one for the history books.  Now I know that is a big feat – a big dream for a little photography business.  But we love marriage and we want our couples to LOVE their marriage.  One way we try to do this, besides aiming to set an example in our own marriage, and giving our advice and the little bit of wisdom we have to our couples, is to encourage them to strengthen and WORK on their marriage in a daily sense.  One thing that we know is super important to our own marriage, and something that countless statistics and research on what makes a good marriage supports, is the idea of date nights.

Some think this is a silly idea, or that having to plan for date nights with your husband is ridiculous… I mean he is your husband!  You’ll live together of course you’ll go on dates.  Welp, for many this becomes an obstacle!  You spend time together at home, but allow mundane “living together” to replace your date nights!  Which we think is just a shame.  SO our goal is to empower you to date your spouse.  To take intentional time out of your week (or month, or DAY!) to be together.

This idea has inspired our new series.. “Friday Night is Date Night”.  These Friday posts will consist of step by step directions on how to take time to date.  Now, our date nights might look a lot different than yours, and that’s fine.  We hope that even if you don’t use our step by step ideas, you can use them as a jumping off point for creating your own date night! Michael and I tend to be ridiculous.. We realize that.. But whatever it is you choose to do, we do want to encourage you to be intentional with your time together.


And ’cause no post is complete without a few photos.. some of our favorite date nights..

***Share your awesome date night ideas in the comments to give us some ideas to try out and share as a part of our new series!**



Have a great weekend y’all!


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