It’s a passion, not a hobby

Back in 2010 Michael was asked to shoot a wedding; his first wedding.  I practically begged him to let me tag along as his second shooter.  We shot a couple weddings that year, a few more the next year, and still a few more in our third year.  When anyone asked about our business my reply was the same, maybe you’ve heard it!  I’d say, “it’s just a great hobby.. Something we are able to do and enjoy together.”  I think I didn’t want to admit that shooting weddings was just about the greatest thing I could choose to spend my time doing.  I LOVED it.  I loved being a part of someone’s perfect day.  I loved capturing moments that that would hang on walls and remind people how deeply in love they are.

But moving to Kenya and being forced to turn couple after couple away, broke my heart.  These people wanted US to shoot their wedding.  They wanted us to spend that perfect day with them.  They trusted us to be their photographers.  and I was crushed that we couldn’t say “YES, we’ll be there!” I quickly realized that I’ve gotta stop staying this is a hobby.  Because this is a passion.  It’s something we want to pursue, something we want to devote our time to.  Something that brings us joy.

That amazing first couple of ours will forever have our love and gratitude.  They are the reason we have been able to develop this passion.  They are the reason we have Michael & Laura Photography.  It’s all because some incredible people trusted us that first year.. And second.. And third..

We hope you love our new brand.  Not our thrown together hobby, but our thoughtfully considered, invested in, true passion.  We’ve been working away like crazy to make this blog and our new website perfect.  We’ve changed things again and again, and will probably still be changing things.. but we’ve finally decided we just gotta be proud of what we’ve put together and stop focusing on all these tiny details.

And to say thank you to all those people who have followed us and those who have just found us, we are going to have a whole week of giveaways.  We are truly thankful for you all allowing us to enter your home, spending time to read our blog, encouraging us through comments and Facebook shares, trusting us to capture moments for you, and giving us the chance to live out our passion.

So without further delay.. Giveaway #1!!!

A full photography session with Michael & Laura Photography.  We are so excited to come back to the US and start shooting again that we are giving away a photography session with a complete online gallery of images.


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  1. Tammy Ferber says:

    Hi guys!!

    Amanda Reed is the Maid of Honor for my daughter’s (Samantha Ferber) wedding on 6/4/16 at Apple Blossom Plantation in Providence Forge, VA. We all loved the photos that you did for Amanda so much! Once you are settled in back in the States, we would like to talk to you about the possibility of doing Sam’s photos.

    My email is listed above and Sam’s is

    • says:

      Aw, thank you Tammy. We LOVED Amanda’s wedding! I’ve emailed you both and look forward to talking with you soon!

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