Our Honeymoon – Part II

If you missed part I

After going to Ireland we took a ferry to England to visit Michael’s family.  We rented another car and drove south to stay a couple of days.


After spending some quality time with Michael’s family, we drove to another ferry from England to France.  We picked up a car and took a short drive to Brugge, which is an AMAZING little city.


We got there in time for dinner, went to the city center after stopping quickly in our adorable hotel ^, and sat at the first restaurant we saw.  We asked our waiter what we should eat while we are in Belgium.. he said, ” Four things.. Mussels, Beer, Waffles, and Chocolate”, so we got all four.2014-08-11_0071

2014-08-11_00722014-08-11_0074After Belgium, we drove to Paris.

2014-08-27_0003.jpg2014-08-27_0004.jpg2014-08-11_0075The Louvre was INSANELY packed.. I guess a Saturday afternoon in the summer is an ideal time to visit.  I think this was the most empty room in the place.



The Arc De Triomphe was our favorite.
2014-08-27_0009.jpg2014-08-27_0010.jpg2014-08-27_0011.jpg2014-08-27_0012.jpgThe Lock Bridge


This is what happens when you ask someone to take a picture of you with a DLSR… we have lots of blurry pictures.. but I love ’em anyways..

Our lock.. the key is at the bottom of the river.
2014-08-27_0015.jpg2014-08-27_0016.jpgTold ya we had lots of picnics..
2014-08-27_0017.jpgI thought this was really high.. uhh no.. This is the first level.. The third is wayyy higher.. and scary during a storm.
2014-08-27_0018.jpg2014-08-27_0019.jpgscary and windy..
2014-08-27_0020.jpgEclairs and Crepes.. yum.
2014-08-27_0021.jpgAfter Paris, we took a train to the Barcelona and got on the cruise!

Now cruises are SERIOUSLY the way to go people.  Everything is planned for you, daily activities, shows in the evening, meals, you can even buy excursions planned by the ship to do in ports.  It’s pretty much the perfect holiday for indecisive people like us.
2014-08-27_0022.jpgFirst stop.. bike ride in Cannes
2014-08-27_0023.jpg2014-08-27_0024.jpg2014-08-27_0025.jpgI wish I had some pictures of the set ups we use to take selfies.. they were dangerous.. I can’t believe our camera survived it.  This one is on a rock IN the water..
2014-08-27_0026.jpg2014-08-27_0027.jpgSecond stop, Livorno.  We took an excursion with the ship to Pisa.
2014-08-27_0028.jpg2014-08-27_0029.jpg2014-08-27_0030.jpgThird stop, Civitavecchia.. we took another excursion to Rome.  If you ever visit Rome, use a tour guide!  It saved us so much time, and we wouldn’t have known how to get anywhere/what anything was without a guide.
2014-08-27_0031.jpg2014-08-27_0032.jpg2014-08-27_0033.jpgThen we went to the Vatican.. Ladies, make sure you bring something to cover yourself up when your there or they won’t let you in.
2014-08-27_0034.jpg2014-08-27_0035.jpg2014-08-27_0036.jpgThis church is seriously AMAZING..St. Peter’s Basilica.2014-08-27_0037.jpg2014-08-27_0038.jpg2014-08-27_0039.jpgWe became slightly obsessed with gelato..
2014-08-27_0040.jpgOK, so on our cruise, we decided to choose to sit at a table with other people, and we are so happy we did!  They sat us at a big table with three other honeymoon couples, who were SO much fun.  We had a blast eating with them everyday and even traveling with them in ports.
2014-08-27_0041.jpgForth stop, Athens.. Parthenon is easy train ride from the port.
2014-08-27_0042.jpg2014-08-27_0043.jpg2014-08-27_0044.jpg2014-08-27_0045.jpg2014-08-27_0046.jpgFifth stop..Santorini to hike a volcano2014-08-27_0047.jpg2014-08-27_0048.jpg2014-08-27_0049.jpgThese donkeys were IMPRESSIVE.. I couldn’t even walk down this steep hill without slipping ever three feet..

2014-08-27_0054.jpg2014-08-27_0052.jpg2014-08-27_0055.jpgSixth stop.. Positano.. absolute favorite.  We took a water taxi along the Amalfi Coast to get there, most beautiful day ever..
2014-08-27_0056.jpgwith the best meal ever..
2014-08-27_0057.jpgThe lemons that grow there humongous.. and delicious
2014-08-27_0058.jpgMore gelato..
2014-08-27_0059.jpgOur amazing waiters/magicians for the week.
2014-08-27_0062.jpgThe honeymooners.. miss you all.. anniversary cruise has gotta be soon, right?
2014-08-27_0063.jpgMy parents went on a cruise for their honeymoon too.  I have always loved this picture of my parents from their honeymoon, so we decided to recreate it on ours.

There is still a part III.. coming soon.  Long honeymoons are the way to go!

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