Our Honeymoon – Part I

I can’t believe that we haven’t posted our honeymoon pictures!!! I feel like a year after our travels is a little too delayed, but so many people have been asking us about it recently and asking for suggestions in planning their own honeymoon, so here we go.

Michael and I threw out a lot of different options about where we might want to go on our honeymoon. My parents went on a cruise for their honeymoon, Michael had never been on a cruise, and I love cruises, so we thought that might be a good option. But we also wanted to try and tack on a visit to Michael’s family (he is from England) who weren’t able to come to the wedding. And I had always wanted to go to Ireland. So we were bouncing between all these different options, and then they somehow molded together into one big trip. We figured flying is the big cost of a trip to Europe, I was off for the summer, and Michael was able to take the days off work, so we might as well go BIG. And we sure went big.. our little cruise turned into a month long honeymoon. Lots of people told us that if we could make it through a month of traveling together, marriage would be a piece of cake.. in fact so many people alluded to the fact that we were getting ourselves into something crazy, that I started to get nervous that maybe we were going for a little too long.. but it was AMAZING. So suggestion #1, if you can make it work.. go for as long as you can.. it’s your change to go big.

So we started off in Ireland, flew into Shannon and rented a car.  Michael driving on the tiny Irish roads in a rental.. on the left side of the street was terrifying.. every time we went around a round about I shouted “Left! Left! LEFT!”.  But we made it alive, no accidents even.


We got off the plane and immediately tried to make our ferry to Inis Mor.. we hit traffic and were super late.. I thought we had missed it, but I think our “bride” and “groom” shirts from Caitlin saved us.  I can’t believe they let us on.. we were SO LATE.. but we made it.  The second Michael got on the ferry we pulled away.. so worth the trip though. The little fishermen’s town is adorable.  We biked around and it was the perfect day.  I wish we had more time, but we had to make it to our B&B, so we caught the ferry back.

After our original flight being cancelled, we had to fit two days of travel into one.. we skipped staying the night in galway and drove straight to the Dingle Peninsula (all the way south). But we couldn’t pass the Cliffs of Moher without stopping!!!

We finally made it to Dingle (at like 2am) and our AMAZING host at PAX house was up waiting for us.  Seriously, if you go to Ireland, do not miss this amazing B&B!!!  We drove through the dark, so we were pretty happy when we woke up to this amazing view from our bedroom.

Seriously, stay here.
2014-08-11_0011.jpgOur amazing host gave us a binder (literally) full of stops to make while we were in Dingle.. like Conor Pass
2014-08-11_0012.jpg2014-08-11_0014.jpg2014-08-11_0015.jpgI think the ice cream truck was Michael’s favorite part..


When we told our PAX house host that we were on our honeymoon, he told us we had to go get remarried in Dingle.. thankfully he explained himself ’cause I was super confused.  Apparently this is how people got married hundreds of years ago.  They would stand by this cross (that has sunk into the ground) and meet their thumbs together. It was said that if two people in love did this, they were married in the eyes of God. (Kilmalkedar Church)


Then off to Killarney


We had lots of little picnics.. with amazing views..


Kissing the blarney stone.. which which involves laying on your back leaning over a large gap while someone holds you to kiss a rock.. but ya just gotta do it..


Our castle home for the night. It was amazing.

2014-08-11_0039.jpgThe first of many Airbnb stays..
2014-08-11_0040.jpg2014-08-11_0041.jpg2014-08-11_0042.jpgthe gorgeous walk to the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge

Our FAVORITE!!!  Giant’s Causeway

2014-08-11_0049.jpg2014-08-11_0050.jpg2014-08-11_0051.jpg2014-08-11_0052.jpg2014-08-11_0053.jpgHow cool is that!?
2014-08-11_0054.jpgFinn’s shoe!
2014-08-11_0055.jpgAndddd to Dublin..
2014-08-11_0056.jpgThe beautiful long room library at Trinity College.  Home of the Book of Kells
2014-08-11_0057.jpg2014-08-11_0058.jpg2014-08-11_0059.jpgAnd you MUST go to the guinness storehouse
2014-08-11_0060.jpg2014-08-11_0061.jpg2014-08-11_0062.jpgAnd drink some guinness with the best view of the city!

It’s so special they keep the barley in a safe..

2014-08-11_0064.jpg2014-08-11_0065.jpgWe stayed in another airbnb right next to the amazing Temple Bar

And that was Ireland.. let me know if you have any questions about traveling Ireland.  We LOVED it and will answer any questions you have!

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