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Our Planner!!!

We are SOOOO excited to share with our readers and especially our clients a new tool that we have been working on for what seems to be forever! It took up a lot of our time, especially over the last six months, but after all the working, proof reading, re-working, and editing, we have finally finished it! The Planner! It is our guide through the wedding experience as we know, and have seen. Full of helpful sections from tips for the best engagement photos, through the planning and wedding day experience, and even a little post-wedding tidbits for your first year as a married couple. This thing is chocked full of personal and professional tips like creating a perfect wedding day timeline, a grooms guide for your hubby to be (written all by Michael!), and our own loves and lessons from our wedding.

As we were dreaming up our rebrand, thinking through our “whys”, and learning from some power houses.. we really wanted to push ourselves to include something with our rebrand that would serve our clients in an extraordinary way.  We wanted to create something that would help our clients love the planning process, something that would help them avoid getting too stressed out but instead have fun planning this huge day in their lives.. together.  We LOVED planning our little DIY barn wedding.  We had a blast planning and making all our details.. and we want that for our couples.  So we started writing everything that would be helpful for a newly engaged couple to know.  And we kept writing, and writing, and writing.  And after months of writing, editing, and adding as much information as we could, this lil’ 52 page planner is FULL.


  • Misty - Love this!!! What a great idea!! :)September 2, 2015 – 3:37 pmReplyCancel

  • michaelandlauraphotography@gmail.com - Thank you, Ashley. We are so happy with the response so far! I just love mailing these lil’ guys out!!! :)September 4, 2015 – 6:48 amReplyCancel

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