Bolling Haxall House Richmond Wedding

Today we are sharing Molly and Gustavo’s Bolling Haxall House Richmond wedding day. They just got married here in Richmond at the Bolling Haxall House downtown.

 Bolling Haxall House before. Turns out it is quite gorgeous. It’s also very red but has beautiful historic elements and just a very classic feel.

Turns out, Bolling Haxall House is a gorgeous historic home in downtown Richmond that is now a woman’s club and a beautiful wedding venue.

Seeing photos and seeing it from outside on the street, you don’t realize how large it is. It’s very big. Several levels, plenty of space for a fun cocktail hour, and then the large gathering room with a stage for a band. It was perfect.

Difficult to photograph a wedding at a venue in downtown Richmond because not all Richmond streets and sidewalks are created equal. Sometimes it’s difficult to photograph and try to avoid it’s having a ton of cars, or people, or unsightly things in the background. But the Bolling Haxall House actually had a ton of photo options in a really condensed space.

The brick sidewalk out front was beautiful. I’m not sure I should call the courtyard but there was a little space with some green area towards the side of the building. And the front of the building is just very picturesque.

Bolling Haxall House Richmond

Molly actually got ready at the Bolling Haxall House and then Gustavo was just a few blocks down at the Jefferson hotel. Two wonderful places to get ready for a wedding day.

Then their ceremony was at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church which is further down past the Fan, in the CCV area. All their venues were so beautiful. And they had the trolley which is always so fun.

Really the whole day was just so timeless and classic. I think Molly and Gustavo are timeless and classic so it just infused into their day.

They were just so natural and classic to photograph. Her dress was so gorgeous. It was so clean and classic. And I loved that her bouquet was modeled after her grandmother’s bouquet. She had a photo from her grandparent’s wedding day that we replicated and it really felt like they just fit in with the classic style.

Then the back of her wedding dress had this big bow on it that is so trendy but the rest of the dress was so classic that it just fit perfectly together. Her dress actually didn’t come with that though she had her tailor at it on after the fact I just love that she did that. Then her veil had pearl details on it which I feel like it’s also a little trendy right now but so classic at the same time.

Also Gustavo and his groomsmen were all in tuxes which kept with that timeless classic energy that was just ever present throughout this wedding day.

Richmond Wedding ceremony

It was a Catholic ceremony so it was pretty formal in traditional but you just caught glimpses of the two of them just being so joyful and excited next to each other. Someone would be coming up to do a reading, or the priest was speaking, and you would see them with a very poised face. But then they would turn to look at each other and just get kind of giddy. Which was so sweet to see.

Both of these families were so sweet. Molly’s mom had come to the engagement session and I had chatted with Gustavo’s mom a bit before the wedding and it was so lovely seeing them celebrating.

During her dad’s speech he talked about Molly being a former ballerina – and I just thought “wow, that makes so much sense”. She has such a natural pose about her.

Their families, their bridal parties, their guests – everyone was so amazing this day. But Molly and Gustavo were just the absolute best. Scroll below to see so many of our favorites from his perfect Bolling Haxall House Richmond wedding day.

Congrats you guys!

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