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Today we are sharing Megan and Wells wedding day. They just got married here in Richmond at the VMFA, with their ceremony at St Peters cathedral, and got ready at Linden Row Inn.

The Linden Row Inn is such an amazing spot to get ready. Their suites are absolutely beautiful and have plenty of space for your full bridal party and your hair and make up team. You don’t have to feel like you are crammed in and also it just has a beautiful classic style about it.

Their courtyard is also amazing because at the peak of sunlight, in the middle of the day, it still has gorgeous locations to take portraits while still being in the middle of the city. Which is actually where Megan and Will decided to do their first look.  Then we also took their bridal party portraits there before heading to the church. 

Will’s mom was so funny. When she first came up to introduce herself she talked about how she was ready to hate me because we had convinced to them to do a first look. But then she listened to our post on Instagram and realized why it was so beneficial. So I was a little worried about Will’s reaction, but he was so adorable both times! You could just really tell how in love these two are and it was such an honor to photograph all day. 

Megan’s Dad at the reception talked a little bit about how they started their relationship. Apparently just as Covid was beginning, Megan was figuring out how to work remotely and was maybe going to head back to New York for quarantine. But through a coworker will kind of got wind of it and really played matchmaker and got them together. So she was there and they were all super emotional hugging and speaking to each other during the reception. So much joy and celebration throughout the day. 

I honestly loved the whole style and vibe of the day. It felt like they were both so classic and formal while still being relaxed and casual (if that is a thing). Even their guests showed up so well dressed, but it still felt so laid back and not at all forced. 

The VMFA is truly one of our favorite places to take pictures. It has so much variety in such a small amount of space so we go there all of the time. We got so many portraits with Megan and Will during cocktail hour in some of our favorite spots. 

It was also fun that we were able to take bridal party at both locations. We took a few at Linden Row before the ceremony, but also since everyone travel together on the trolley we took another one right when they arrived at the VMFA. Then we just missed them to the party and Waffles came!

Kat, who was their dog sitter brought Waffles to the VMFA and took care of her all day during their wedding. She was super helpful in that Waffles wasn’t allowed at any of the other venues but they still really wanted her to be there and be able to take pictures with them on the wedding day.  Waffles also had the cutest floral collar which looked amazing. 

@katspetservices katspetservices207@gmail.com

I feel like we also can’t finish this blog post without sharing about Megan’s dress.  Truly one of my favorite dresses to date.  It fit her so beautifully, and doesn’t hurt that Megan has an amazing classic style.  

But it turns out this was not her first choice dress. We have done a call with them a couple of weeks before the wedding and Megan told us she didn’t even have her wedding dress. Apparently her first dress was cut by her tailor and was ruined to the point that she needed an entirely new dress. 

So just a few weeks ago Megan went to Brocade which is a wedding salon here in Richmond run by our sweet friend Bryce and he took care of her. He came in on an off day and found her an off the floor dress. She was able to immediately take to a tailor who sped the process along and got it ready for the wedding day.

This dress was wonderful because there wasn’t a long train which is helpful because they had so many different locations that they went to. The dress just fit her so perfectly and really ended up being the dream dress. She also had a beautiful cathedral veil but decided not to put it in until the ceremony so that also helped with not having to fuss over anything in transportation. Again – so classic yet so laid back.

Scroll through and see so many of our favorites from this beautiful wedding day. 

Congrats Megan and Will! 

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