Tredegar Winter Richmond Wedding

Today we are sharing our very last wedding of the year. Joanna and Kyle got married at one of our favorite venues here in Richmond, Tredegar. It is a beautiful historic brick building right on the James River downtown. It was the perfect Tredegar winter Richmond wedding.

Joanna and Kyle have been on our calendar as the celebratory – final wedding of the year. A “yay we have made it”! And what an amazing couple to end on. They are absolutely beautiful and such fantastic people. Their wedding day was so much fun surrounded by so many amazing loved ones. It was just the perfect way to end the season. 

Obviously so much credit goes to Joanna and Kyle and they are beautiful personalities. But also to Taylor from Roberts and Co who was their planner for this day. She did an amazing job as the team at Roberts and Co always does when we work with them for a wedding.

This wedding day was so beautiful.  I loved all the details they put together.  It was so much fun that they girls got ready at their home. It was so cozy and comfortable, and their dog got to be there running around. 

Then we took a trolly to Tredegar.  My favorite way to travel on a wedding day, to one our our favorite wedding venues.  

Her bridal party was so much fun and their dresses were absolutely gorgeous.  She did an ombre in velvet that turned out so perfectly.  

They were so fun – and all their guests were just such a blast. 

They also timed their ceremony perfectly so that we were able to do all their portraits right at sunset.  Which is always how you want to make that happen so you can use the best light. 

They had a huge wedding.  I think it was probably 250 people, and it seemed like every single person was so intentionally chosen to be there.  It was really sweet to see their enormous community of loved ones. 

Three things you should steal from this Tredegar winter Richmond wedding if you are planning your own. 

Set up your reception for mingling

Instead of a sit down dinner, they had stations and no assigned seats.  Because of the large guest list, they had lots of informal seating throughout the venue.  But also opened up the food stations from the beginning.  Before the couple was even announced, many of the guests were already sitting and eating their dinner. 

It really minimized the “down time” and utilized time for the reception for mingling and enjoying the party. 

Use your venue for your guestbook

We usually don’t love guestbooks that are wall hangings.  It makes me nervous to have drunk people sign something that I am supposed to hang in your house.  But I loved this one.  

I love the idea of hiring an artist to draw your venue.  Then they used this beautiful print to have people sign around, then frame. It was simple, beautiful, and timeless. 

Utilize your reception for group pictures

Rather than taking a ton of combinations during cocktail hour, use a downtime at the reception to get lots of group pictures with friends and family.  

Joanna and Kyle used the time when their band was taking a break to call out several groups for pictures.  So they did extended family, but also friends from high school or college and all those other groups of friends. 

Scroll below to see so many more of our favorite things from this beautiful Tredegar winter Richmond wedding day. 

Congratulations you guys! 


Planner | Roberts & Co. Events, Taylor
Wedding Venue | The Foundry at Tredegar
Caterer | Cater2 Events
DJ | Kevin & Logan Kevin Kim
Reception | Entertainment 10 Spot
Lighting | Lighting Sound & Co
Florist | Black Creek Florals
Videographer | Cat McCarthy Creative
Officiant | Dan Harmon Family Friend
Baker | Sally Bell’s Kitchen
Rentals | Party Perfect
Beauty | Blushtones
Hair | Flawless on Site
Transportation | RVA on Wheels RVA trolley
Hotel Block | The Delta Hotel

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