Amber Grove Richmond Fall Wedding

Today we’re sharing Victoria and Jason‘s Amber Grove Richmond fall wedding. They just got married in the south side of Richmond at one of our favorite wedding venues Amber Grove. 

I honestly think Amber Grove really shines in the fall. The light and the trees are all so perfect this time of year. At Amber Grove, get this beautiful mix of an Estate home with a tree lined drive, a big open field, and white picket fence. You also have a barn and more rustic elements all in one easy to access location.

Victoria and Jason really lead in the fall with all of their details. She had orange bridesmaids dresses, a gorgeous fall inspired bouquet, and a ceremony space with pumpkins lining the aisles. 

It was also the perfect fall day weather wise. Everything kind of felt like it fell into place so nicely on this wedding day.

Victoria and Jason did a first look.  We went outside, to the back of the estate home, and use the field with the rustic barn in the background.  

Amber grove has a couple of ceremony options.  The rustic barn being one of them.  But Victoria and Jason actually choose our favorite ceremony location at Amber Grove, which is under this large tree.  We always love an outdoor ceremony and especially one that highlights the most beautiful parts of your wedding venue. 

Three things you should steal from this Amber Grove Richmond fall wedding. 

Have a take away box for your desserts. 

We feel like cupcakes are very in right now as a wedding dessert. And Victoria and Jason had a wedding cake to cut, but then served cupcakes to their guests. But they went one step further and actually had individual cupcake boxes for guests to be able to take their dessert home with them. 

I love this option because not everybody wants to stop and have dessert right then. This is a great way to be able to sort of have a favor/late night snack and a dessert at the same time.  

I thought this was also crate because at the very end of the night, the Amber Grove staff went ahead and boxed up the rest of the cupcakes. So that way as people were on their way out to the sparkler exit they just grabbed a box to take with them. I thought it was an awesome way to send people off with a little treat and not have to just throw away a ton of dessert that didn’t get eaten.  

Line your aisle with pumpkins 

Victoria’s mom surprised her with lining that aisle with these beautiful pumpkins. It was the perfect fall detail. She had this mix of beautiful green, grey, yellow and orange pumpkins that she’s gathered together in little bunches. It was absolutely gorgeous. 

It perfectly tied in all of Victoria’s subtle fall touches.  

But what made this even more fun was that Victoria’s stepdad went around and invited everyone to take a pumpkin home. And since Victoria and Jason had so many kids attend their wedding it was the cutest thing ever to see all these little kids picking out their pumpkins. It was like they had brought in a full pumpkin patch for their wedding guests. It was so much fun!

Shop around for your wedding gown 

Victoria bought her wedding dress from Azazie. If you don’t know about Azazie it is a super popular place for people to buy bridesmaids’ dresses. We love all of the dresses we see from this site. It has a huge amount of color swatches where bridesmaids can pick different styles of the same color. We love it. 

But what I didn’t realize that they also have wedding gowns! Her dress was gorgeous.  I loved her lace sleeves.  No one would have realized that she bought it online – kind of “off the rack”. 

Enjoy a few of our favorites from this gorgeous Amber Grove Richmond fall wedding day. 

Congrats you guys! 


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    Incredible photos, and an incredible team of photographers! You guys were SO much fun to work with! You made us (bridal party) feel super comfortable with you.

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