Spring Virginia Barn Wedding

Today we are sharing Natalie and David’s spring Virginia barn wedding that was shot recently at Amber Grove, in Richmond.

I could talk about how much I love Natalie and David forever. Their sunrise engagement session shoot at Belle Isle will go down as one of my favorites. Probably just ‘cause we got to spend time with Natalie and David. It was so nice being able to spend some time with them and get to know them. And really just see them love on each other.

You will see from the pictures David just, the entire wedding day, could not stop looking at Natalie. I mean a lot of grooms are like that but David took it to a whole other level. He is just so in love with this girl.

And it was so sweet. Right after their ceremony when they exited the ceremony space, David picked Natalie up and just screamed “we are freaking married!”. They had the sweetest moment, then the bridal party came over and they were all jumping up and down hugging each other. This was a day that was full of joy.

David’s Reaction was priceless!

David’s reaction during their ‘just married’ portraits was so adorable. Natalie kept saying “we gotta focus”. But he was just so distracted by her the entire time.

So we actually took a short amount of time with them after their ceremony, but then pulled them again at sunset. Which will always be my favorite.

Another one of my favorite parts from this day is how they met. Their moms used to play basketball together in college. And at a reunion, David’s mom took him and Natalie’s mom took her and the two of them just hit it off. In fact it was brought up several times that day. So much so that Natalie said to David, “should we just go ahead and get married now?”

One thing we love to do on these weddings on post is to give you a couple of ideas from this wedding that you should steal if you are a bride. So here are a few of our favorite ideas that Natalie and David used at their wedding.

The Pittsburg Cookie Table – Spring Virginia Barn Wedding

If you don’t know of the Pittsburgh cookie table it is an amazing idea for a wedding. Basically family members and good friends of the couple each bring a dozen cookies. And you end up with this amazing spread of delicious treats for everyone to share on the way to day.

I also loved that David’s mom had everyone that brought cookies stand up and were recognized. It’s such a sweet way for people to be involved in the wedding day. And they were SO delicious!

Make sure to preplan breakfast and lunch

Make sure that you have breakfast and or lunch supplied for your bridal party and anyone else who is there helping to get ready for the wedding day. Natalie and David had this but it was a little delayed and it just makes a big difference, especially when you have a ton of people, to make sure that everyone is fed.

Bury the Bourbon

I love this sweet southern tradition of burying the bourbon. If you don’t know, basically you bury bourbon ahead of the wedding day to warn off any bad weather. Typically when this happens the bride and groom unbury the bourbon after the ceremony but David did this with his bridal party before the ceremony. I thought it was a really sweet moment for all of the groomsmen to share on a shot of bourbon before the ceremony.

Have a friend officiate – Spring Virginia Barn Wedding

We have shared this one before but we absolutely love wins ceremonies have a friend who is the efficient. It just makes ceremony so much more personal and special to listen to as a guest when someone who knows the couple really, really well officiates.

Their friend, Ian, did an amazing job.He made it so fun for everyone there and we just loved it.

Also, Ian came up to us before the ceremony to make sure he knew what to do during the ceremony during the kiss.

This is another thing to steal!

Have your officiant step aside for the kiss so they aren’t in all your photos and you have a nice, beautiful kiss shot without a random arm sticking out the back. Haha

Enjoy so many of our favorites from this wedding day.

Congratulations you guys!



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