Amber Grove Christmas Wedding

We’re really excited to share Miranda and Eugene’s Amber Grove Christmas Wedding. Our very last wedding of the year! Amber Grove is in Moseley, Virginia which is just south of Richmond. 

It was a great ending spot for us, because we love Amber Grove and have never been there at Christmas time. 

Amber Grove at Christmas time

John, the owner of Amber Grove, really goes over the top with Christmas decorations.  There was Christmas decor in ever nook and cranny. 

We always wonder if we could get him to paint the red walls that are inside of Amber Grove, but now we know why it’s red.. it’s so festive for Christmas! 

Even the front of the house is completely decorated with tons of lights.  Which was really fun for their sparkler exit because there were fun lights along with the sparklers. 

They got married in the barn, which was great because the weather was so crazy that day. There was a big wind and rain storm.  So it’s great that they have that indoor ceremony location. The barn is a beautiful and rustic place to have a wedding ceremony.  

They decided at the last minute to do a first look, which was such a good idea! As we were photographing the bridal party, I was feeling bad for the bridesmaids and Miranda because they all just finished hair and makeup and now were out in a huge wind storm, but they looked amazing.  Cam and Co did the makeup and hair and even with all the insane wind everyone looked so perfect. She always does such a spectacular job. 

My favorite part of the wedding is that someone came up to Eugene right before the ceremony and ask if he was nervous. And without pausing even for a second he replied, “not one bit”.  You could just tell how completely in love they were and how ready they were to be married. 

It was a wonderful day and we were so honored to be there.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from this Amber Grove Christmas Wedding day. Congrats you guys! 

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