Amber Grove Virginia Barn Wedding

Today we are sharing Anna and Garrett’s Amber Grove Virginia barn wedding. 

I feel like recently we’ve had a lot of questionable weather, but this day was perfect. Like Mrs. Congeniality perfect date weather. 

It really was the perfect weather. Wasn’t hot wasn’t cold. Beautiful light, perfect sunset.

They planned their ceremony perfectly. If you wanna make a good wedding day decision and just follow what Anna and Garrett did. Make sure that you plan your ceremony start time to be about two hours before sunset. That way after the ceremony you get to take all of your portraits in the most beautiful light of the day.

There were also a lot of fun details.  They did a black tie wedding.  They did that because they are high school sweethearts and went to prom together. So, Garrett were the bowtie on their wedding day that he had worn when they went to prom.

Do you get more adorable than that? 

Anna had put in her details the graduation card that Garrett used as a thank you card to Anna’s family for his graduation gift. 

I felt like their mom’s were best friends. 

It was so sweet and personal and all about family all day. 

Garrett would just look at her and start tearing up. Anna looked so gorgeous.  Even her bridesmaids were crying during their bridesmaids’ reveal.  She did a first look with her dad too and he was crying. 

They have been together for a long time and everyone knew this day was coming, so there was a lot of excitement for this Amber Grove Virginia barn wedding.

Virgina Barn Wedding DIY

We also did some thing a little different for this wedding. We made their corn hole boards. There is a series on our instagram called Monday Crafternoons where we do different DIY’s. And sometimes we ask our brides if there is some thing that they would want DIY’d for their wedding that we could help out with. Anna said that she thought cornhole boards would be fun. Then, she did just like she’s done for so many other things throughout the wedding process. She said I just trust you guys to do whatever you want. 

So we will have a reel coming out soon showing the whole process. But here you can take a look at part one.

Amber Grove Wedding day timeline

We sent out a planner and a lot of other information to try to help our brides prepare for the wedding day. Especially from a photography perspective. But we also try to help in other aspects too. Anna said I’m just gonna do whatever it is that you tell me to do. And you could really tell that she took her advice because her day flowed so nicely and everything came together so well. 

They didn’t even do a first look! But it really didn’t even feel like it. As they had given plenty of time and had everything so well planned out. Which is kind of the only way that not doing a first look can still have a day that flow smoothly.

It’s not even that they were on time. They were early! Yeah we got to the wedding early and started shooting details as the first thing we do and as we were shooting details someone came out and said Anna wanted to put her dress on. I mean, they were that early!

Are you a bride and need help with your timeline?  Click here for help!

And John at Amber Grove kept saying it was such a good weather he was going to open up the side of the tent. He was so excited.

Well the tent at Amber Grove really is the best when it has it’s sides open.

It was like the perfect day! Enjoy a few of our many favorites from Anna & Garrett’s Amber Grove Virginia barn wedding.

Venue + Caterer | Amber Grove
Calligrapher | bridesmaid Molly
Florist | Flowers Make Scents
Bakery | Publix
DJ| Rodney
Bridal Salon | Tiffany’s 
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Azzazie
Formalwear | Men’s Warehouse 
Hair | FBJ Weddings
Makeup | Richmond Makeup Artist 
Officiant | Pastor Jay Carey

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