First year of parenting

@1:20 – How does he sleep, what sleep “practices” did you use?

  • Little Z’s Sleep (instagram + website)
  • We “sleep trained” and it was live giving.. and so great for our marriage.


@5:30 How has it been parenting during quarantine?

  • We don’t really know anything else.. 
  • It’s tough not being able to have a babysitter, doing normal “baby classes”, socializing him, or being able to have time to ourselves.
  • It’s also been great being able to be home for everything when I didn’t think I would be.


@9:55 Did you buy a crib, a bassinet, and a pack and play?

  • Borrowing items when you can!  Or buy off a friend/someone you know. 
  • You’ll use the crib for three years.
  • Pack and Plays are great and pretty essential for travel.
  • Our crib: Wayfair Conversion Types: Day bed; Toddler bed (I may have lied..)
  • The bassinet we borrowed: $80


@13:55 What did you do to Prepare (books to read)


@23:12 What are some must have items


@29:44 What are some unexpected things about parenting?

  • Milestone pressure
  • Working from Home – MUCH harder when they start moving.. (sorry about all the noise.. that’s him in the background)
    • His new walker.. that he LOVES
    • The average parent working from home during quarantine gets 3 minutes and 24 seconds of uninterrupted work time.
  • Breastfeeding/formula (I was pumping, breastfeeding, and giving formula.. and it was terrible) and Rheumatoid arthritis


@38:05 How do you take his monthly pictures?

  • I hate the monthly photo blankets.. they don’t sit nicely, they have to be laying down for it to work, and it’s hard to crop right.
  • Tips:
    • pick a clean background and an area with great light
    • don’t feel like they have to all be the same – I wish we had used different outfits for all of them
    • a letter board or some other sign makes it fun (but also more challenging as he got older)
  • Chatbooks links to our personal family instagram
  • Promptly journal 
  • 1 Second Everyday 


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