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Last week we announced that we are going full-time and did a ton of giveaways on our instagram and announced mini session dates. So today we are going to talk a little bit about how to get the most out of your mini session with three tips for mini sessions.  Whether it is a session with us or another photographer.

Our mini sessions are for October 17 in newly released October 18.  Because the 17th is already full.. If you haven’t booked and still would like to the 18th still have some slots available.

We think we are also going to release some Christmas mini session dates.  It will be more of a styled session where it will be decorated with some Christmas goodness.  Mostly I am sad to think that because of Covid and all the craziness of 2020 people might not be getting the sitting with Santa pictures like you normally would.  So we wanted to do some thing that was really fun and joyful.  (Email us at if you are interested.  If we have enough people show interest, we will definitely do it!) 

Three tips for getting the most out of your mini session

We wanted to talk about how to get the most out of your mini sessions, some things to do to prepare, how you can feel ready, and why we think mini sessions are great.

Tips for mini sessions One – Be on Time!

First big thing we want to emphasize is that arriving on time is the best thing you can do.  Sessions with us are 15 to 20 minutes so they are pretty short.  We pick a spot that has a lot of variety and location.  So getting there on time or even early is best so that as soon as your time starts we can jump straight in.

We cram as much as we can into those minutes with you.  So we want to make sure that you were there on time and we will pretty much start immediately so that we can do as much as we can in the short amount of time that we have.

Tips for mini sessions Two – Coordinate your outfits

The next big thing that we say is about outfits.  The only thing you don’t wanna do is be too matchy.  We don’t want you to be the family on the beach all wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. 

We really recommend and suggest for families and couples is that you think about one maybe two coordinating colors.  So if you’re thinking OK it’s fall and we really wanna wear like a burnt orange, maybe one or two people wear that burnt orange and everybody else has neutrals that can kind of go along with that.

So really focus on one maybe two coordinating colors and everything else is neutrals.  Will put a couple of examples of great outfits that people have worn to family sessions. But Pinterest is also a fantastic resource for this. Type in Family fall mini sessions, you can see some examples of some great outfits and go from there.

Tips for mini sessions Three – Bring a treat

Lastly, if you are a family or planning to bring the dog bring snacks or treats.

Includes both children and pets – bring a bribe.

It’s a really short session so we want your dog or baby or kid to be happy and excited.  One of the reasons that mini sessions are such a great idea is that children or pets have a really short attention span.  Michael is a great source of entertainment while I am shooting as fast as I can to try to capture the smiles.

We usually get plenty of pictures within that time but it always helps when something comes along to help.  A treat for the dog, a favorite toy, or some sort of ‘hey, you’ll get this at the end of the session if you do a good job’. So that your child can behave well and we can maybe get a smile out of them.

One of our last families had a bag of marshmallows for their two kids to get at the end. Also as we are doing this we are currently throwing Cheerios at our son to keep him calm.

We are not above bribes people.

Mini sessions are short and sweet

It is such a short session you want to make sure that you’re able to get a great picture out of it. 

That’s really what mini sessions are all about. One nice updated family picture.  We definitely are usually able to get way more than that.  But the idea of a mini session because they are so short, and it’s a limited gallery, you’re really looking for one updated family picture.

Within that we get several different combinations. Like a picture with just mom and dad, a picture with mom and the kids, a picture with the kids and just dad, a picture with just the kids, and so on.

Having some sort of distraction like a treat or a toy can make that go a bit better.

So those are tips for getting the most out of your mini session.

Book now!

If you haven’t booked a mini session yet we will put the link below for you to be able to sign up.  Our open available date is at Maymont. We will do them right near the mansion.

Sign up for an October 18th mini session

If you have any questions or need other tips or suggestions for planning your mini session, just reach out – we’d love to help.


Coordinating light blue (mom’s dress, daughters bow and flower pattern)

family mini session outfits with light blue coordinating colors

Coordinating colors – Navy of mom’s cardigan, baby’s checkers, dad’s jeans
couple with newborn mini session outfits with coordinating colors

Coordinating colors – Mom’s shaw ties together dad’s blue and daughter’s red
fall family mini session outfits with coordinating colors

Coordinating colors (navy in Mom’s scarf and daughter’s dress paired blue jeans. Added in fall colors red and yellow)

family mini session outfits with coordinating fall colors

Blues and khakis (notice not everyone is jeans or khakis.. they mixed it up! Mom added the camel cardigan to tie it all in!)

family family session with coordinating neutral outfits

Notice daughter’s necklace ties in mom’s dress – the rest is blues and neutrals.

family mini session outfits with coordinating colors

Coordinating blues and pinks (Dad’s shirt ties it all together)


Sign up for an October 18 mini session here


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