Fort Monroe Beach Engagement

Today we were talking about an engagement session we shot last weekend in Hampton.  We shot Michaela and Bryant’s Fort Monroe Beach engagement session a few days ago.  They wanted to have a beach session and picked Fort Monroe because it is a beach they used to go to together.

So last weekend’s weather was actually not terrible.

Which is saying a lot for Virginia summers.

It is because this past week has been over 100° every day with the real feel. 

Fort Monroe Beach Engagement

So we shot at Fort Monroe and because we start two hours before sunset (when the light is best) we decided to start not at the beach but across the street.  And we shot a few in some shady areas.

So when we first met they showed us their two outfits.  In the beginning of sessions we always ask to see the two outfits so we know how to spend our time and when to ask them to change.

And Bryant came shoeless because we were doing engagement session on the beach. 

A man after my own heart.  See previous engagement session with Annie and Zack were Michael went shoeless the whole time.

So we were doing a beach session so going barefoot was totally appropriate. He had these cute little linen pants. 

So we were going to start in the fort because the sun was so bright in the beginning of the day.  But we couldn’t really do that because he didn’t have any shoes.  So we just went across the street and then ended up being perfect.  It was great light. And then we found a second location that we absolutely loved that’s right next to the beach. It’s sort of looks like an open field but it was really just a small path.

It’s kind of hidden right past the beach. We highly recommend it there’s a giant doing that keeps the sun off of it.  I know when there is haze at the beach because of the mist of the ocean.. This was like just haze behind them.  It was magical.

It was glowy and pretty. Refer below.

Amber Grove Wedding

It was a great engagement session to be able to get to know them better and hear a little bit about their wedding.  We are really excited for the wedding because it is at one of our favorite venues here in Richmond, Amber Grove.

We love Amber Grove because it is a ceremony, reception, and getting ready location all put into one and it is just beautiful.

So right when we started actually on the beach with them we had them get into their second outfit.  But we all liked their first outfit a little bit better so we had them switch back into their first outfit for the end of their session.

Beach Engagement – Going in the Ocean

We were so flexible with us and super laid-back.  So they went back into their first outfit when we went onto the beach and the light was the best.  And we even had them go into the water.

Yes. We talked about it on Insta stories.. It’s not something that everybody wants to do but Michaela and Bryant were totally down for it.

There were a lot of great highlights from this day.

It was really fun to do something different and have our couple going to the water.

The giant ship came by so it created some waves there as well which was perfect.

It was a really great day at Fort Monroe Beach. Enjoy a few of our favorites.

Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia summer Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia black and white Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement outside fort Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement glowy light Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement blue outfit Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement flowy dress Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement trees Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement golden hour Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement sitting Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement ring in sand detail Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement Fort Monroe Hampton Virginia Engagement on beach


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