Southern Tradition Richmond Mini-Wedding

Southern Tradition Richmond Mini-Wedding

So today we are going to be talking through a southern tradition Richmond mini-wedding, which felt like a full wedding in four hours.

It was all the Southern traditions and features you would have an a southern wedding in this four hour period.

Lelia and Jarrett are having their big reception at the Country Club of Virginia next year.  But they decided in the midst of having to reschedule and re-plan, they still wanted to be able to get married.  So they decided to have a shorter mini wedding at their home.

All the Southern Charm and Southern Traditions

It was packed with all the charm, details, and beauty that you could fit into a southern tradition Richmond mini-wedding.

When we first arrived they had all these details laid out. 

Lelia had obviously spent a ton of time gathering all these amazing details.  House had all this amazing gorgeous vintage furniture, Waterford crystal, and beautiful southern touches everywhere.

But she had also gathered a bunch of things for the wedding.  We photographed her details on a gorgeous vintage chair she had a silver tray and Waterford crystal ring dish.  And all the furniture they used for the day she had collected from antique and vintage stores around Richmond.  They were ton of beautiful wooden antique chairs and tables along with a gorgeous rug they used for the ceremony.

After the details, the first look with father, and a regular first look, and family pictures.  We had a beautiful ceremony and then after the ceremony they did this very traditional Southern thing of walking through the threshold.

It was cute because it was at their house.  So after the ceremony they walked back down the aisle which was their front yard.  And then Jarrett picked her up and walked through the front door.  Which was so sweet because who still does that?

Burying the Bourbon – Southern Traditions

And then I followed them through the house and picked up a shovel and glasses we went in and un-buried the bourbon.  Another cute southern tradition to stop the rain from happening on your wedding day. And it worked it was a beautiful day.

So they dug up the bourbon and took a shot and then we gathered with the rest of their family to start the reception.

Well they were taking that during the bourbon photo I gathered the friends and family so we could take a large group shot with all their guests in front of their house.

It was obviously a very family oriented day because it was mostly family there.  But his grandma was the sweetest. She held my hand when she talk to me and gave a speech about Jarrett being the first grand-baby.  We were also able to get a sweet picture of grandma and grandpa sitting in their dining room.

It was really like a fall wedding day and four hours so it couldn’t have happened without Jenny Keen from greenery and grace.  She is actually a family member so so fabulous to have her there and keep everyone on track in the schedule on time.  It was truly a family oriented day.

She was able to make these many many things happen in the small amount of time we were with them.  Jenny was amazing and it was great to have her there.

Reception – Southern Traditions

So then I had a reception. And it was a full reception. A full bar, catering by Butler’s Pantry, with an amazing spread.

They did first dances. And I think they actually met dancing, I think I overheard that.. but they had an amazing first dance.

They also did first dances with mom, and dad, and toasts and the whole gambit.

Another southern detail that they had there was a cigar bar.  They took a photo at it but once the reception started kicking in everyone started using it.  They also had custom-made match boxes with emblem they had created with their initials for the wedding details. It was also on the bags on everyone see you with the rose petals to throw at the end of the ceremony and on the koozies.  Went all out.

This was all for a mini wedding so we can’t wait for the big wedding.

But honestly if you’re having to make changes to your wedding because of the coronavirus and you feel like everything is going against what the dreams in your head for your wedding day were, look at this wedding and know you can have a wonderful beautiful day even in the midst of the craziness that is our world right now.

And then they will have such a fun and amazing party when they get to celebrate again next year.

The Creative Team

Jenny Keen, Greenery & Grace


  1. Shirley mitchell says:

    Perfect wedding day. Beautiful bride . Loved everything.

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