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So earlier in the month we talked about a few of our favorite weddings from 2019. But we’re just still on the reminiscing train and so we thought that we would share some behind the scenes pictures today and share what we see as photographers on a wedding day. (other behind the scenes posts)

So just so you know we suck at taking pictures of each other on a wedding day.
We get really focused on a wedding day on our couple and other things are going and it definitely takes a back seat. So we don’t take a ton.

Laura – Photographers on a Wedding day

Normally what happens is, I shoot with a 70-200 lens for most of the wedding day, so I’m behind. So half of these photos will probably be the back of Laura’s head. But she’s taking photos of the couple.

Michael – Photographers on a Wedding day

And I’ll say that the majority of when I take picture of Michael is when he is expo-ing, for white balance purposes. So he’s standing next to the couple and usually when he does it he takes off his lens hood and sticks it in his mouth.  Ge has a lot of pictures of himself with the lens hood in his mouth. When you see those, that’s what it is.
I’m not just hungry.
And the second thing that I usually capture of Michael on a wedding day is I typically take charge during the full bridal party. Michael takes side angles and details. So he is on the side while I am straight in front of them. Michael, almost always, on a wedding day will be on one side of the bridal party and he’ll have to get to the other side. Instead of walking around me he goes in front of the bridal party and he jumps. He wants to see if, like coincidentally, while I’m taking pictures I catch Michael jumping in front of the bridal party.
Obviously we want to make sure we are as efficient as possible. So I’m running across to make sure that the bridal party and the couple get as much photo time as possible.
It is a hysterical moment on the wedding day, and it almost always happens.
Anyways that is a very typical occurrence, and you’ll probably see a few of those.

Go to Instagram

If you want actual experience of what we do on the wedding day, you should follow our insta-stories. We have a highlight of us on a wedding day to give you a better picture of what we are actually doing. Our instagram:
We’ve included some behind the scenes videos of what we do on insta stories on wedding day. But again, we’re not great at it.
It is one of our goals for this year.
I think Michael just made that a goal.
We’ll make an effort to take some better pictures of us on a wedding days so you can really see what it’s like.
 Enjoy some of our favorites from the 2019 wedding season, and see what we see of each other as photographers on a wedding day.

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