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We are Michael and Laura a husband and wife photography team based in Richmond Virginia.

Woop WOOP!

That was good! I like the energy.

Yea, well there is no music yet so once there is music then…

Michael wants to create an intro sound for these audios… so these audios! We posted on our Instagram the other day asking about blogging. We have not posted a blog that wasn’t a wedding or a portrait session in a long time like maybe over a year. Don’t go look… Anyways we asked if people still read blogs because I used to read blogs all the time and I have found myself just going to instagram or a podcast or some sort of video something instead of actually opening blogs and reading them.

So we posed the question, we ask people still read blogs and it turns out you do, which I found was kind of surprising. But we also know that it’s just easier to consume information when it is a video or an audio and so we just wanted to provide something that would be that. So when you’re driving, which is what I do, or at the gym which is definitely not what I do, (no judgement Michael) or walking the dog or whatever that you would still be able to click play and listen or you would still be able to just go through and read. So that’s the idea behind what we are trying out today, so we hope you like it!

Richmond Wedding Photographers husband and wife


So to start, we jus wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit. As Laura said, we are based in Richmond Virginia, we actually just recently moved from the Hampton Roads area where we were for seven years I think? A long time.

There was a little stint where we went to Kenya.

Oh yea, we went to Kenya, that’s on the blog but again that would be like two or three years ago so…


So we’re relatively new here in Richmond and we bought a house that need some work so we spent the first year renovating and like most people I feel like we are 90% done on 90% of our projects.  So, one of the other things we like to do is work on new projects!

Emphasis on new projects… We start a lot of things and as Michael said 90% we finish them, so we have a lot hanging in the balance.

Thats true. And along with that we have our dog Tusker! He is a pit mix and he’s adorable, but he also breaks our fence, which was one of the project we work on just this week!

Brand new fence up and seriously the first day, the first time we let him out, he broke part of the fence! Its a good thing he’s adorable!

And then of course, a big life change! A couple months ago, we had a baby! Our first one, Niles. He’s absolutely adorable.

He’s asleep right now so we hope you don’t hear him crying.

We are new at this… We are trying

Like Michael said we do a lot of projects. If you follow us on Instagram, you already know that. You will see many a post happen… Did you post today?

I didn’t post today, my hands were covered in paint.


That’s true, because yet again we were upstairs painting our dresser. Also, if you follow us on instagram, you will hopefully have seen pictures of Niles, Tusker… You might know we love breakfast sandwiches, bagels are my favorite food.


We put avocados on literally everything, and yea,

That’s pretty much it. Projects, avocados, family.

You basically know us if you know those this.


michael and laura photography instagram feed


And our plans for this for the long term again, as Laura said earlier, is just to make it a little easier for all of you guys to listen to us. That would be easier to do than read when you are driving, at the gym, as Laura said. We have some ideas for topics coming up, I know people asked about Niles, and we’d we be happy to share that story, and the birth experience and all that kind of stuff, and how he’s been so far.

Obviously we’ll continue to do wedding posts and we think that would be a much more fun thing to do when we’re talking about instead of just writing… you’d get a bit more but more of a personal experience… yeah

yeah other people asked to hear wedding tips too… other people asked for just general life updates from the two of us, updates from our home reno, which, embarrassingly we have not posted yet, sorry!

But if there’s anything else you want to hear or are interested about, please feel free to comment below.. Message us on Instagram @Michaelandlauraphotography, or you can comment on any of our posts there.


So, first one done. Check. End music!


OK wait.. I wanted to also say one more thing. We are currently doing a giveaway on Instagram.

Oh yea, what was that?

So if you so if you go to our Instagram, our last post it’s like these really pretty flowers from Aleen Floral Design. Karen is amazing, go check her out! Anyways if you click that flower post, you can comment about how you feel about Valentine’s Day like if you like Valentines Day, or hate it or what you’re planning on doing. Are we planning on doing anything?

Yes we are!



We have big plans?

We have big plans!

Michael does not have anything.

Oh yea, I got big plans.


We are gonna stay in and watch a movie and hang out with Niles…

Nope, we are going to listen to Bob Goff!

Na Uhhh!

No you didn’t! You did not!

I did!

You did not!

Yea, she didn’t know about this.

Did you really? Oh my gosh!

So Bob Goff is coming to Richmond. If you don’t know who you should definitely check…

Legitimately my favorite person on the planet. Not really, but he’s fantastic. Go google him right now, slash read his books. Everybody Always is my favorite.

Love Does Is another good one. And they’re both audio books too, so…

So Michael will actually listen to it.

Actually I highly recommend doing the audiobook because Bob Goff actually narrates it. Some people have it dictated for the author, but he actually reads the book and his voice is just so fun! I just want to hug him so bad.

Is it on Valentines Day?

No it’s not. It’s a gift.

Anyways, I can’t talk right now, I’m so excited!

bob goff surprise


Back to the Instagram post, we just want to know what your plans are, or how you feel about valentines day. We are not people who are very good at…

That’s one of the reasons I was so shocked because we literally never do anything for Valentines day…

Anyways, all you have to do is go to that flower post and comment what you’re planning to do for Valentines day, and tag your valentine. It can be a gallentine, a friend, or whatever. We are giving away a free mini session.

Once it warms up.

Okay, now we can be done.

Okay great!

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for Bob!

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