Lindsay & Matthew

Lindsay has always had a knack for making the people around her feel loved and cared for.  For as long as I can remember she has been an incredible gift giver.  It’s not always elaborate, it’s usually simple.. just exceptionally thoughtful and perfect.  For my grandma’s 80th birthday she brought her a birthday girl headband and the pictures of my 80 year old grandma beaming in her sparkly headband are still my favorite thing.  My two older sisters always gather for thanksgiving and last year she brought decorative mugs with miniature gingerbread houses that fit on the side like a garnish making their airbnb feel a little more like home.  She found a camera flask to gift to Michael with a bottle of his favorite scotch.  When I left for college she gave me a hand painted picture of a sunset with the lyrics to a favorite song glued on top.  This hung up in every room I had since and I would frequently read the letter she wrote on the back.  In it, she reminded me to take every chance that life would hand to me.. and to live up every moment because life was going to start moving fast.  A sentiment Lindsay has always lived by… and something I have always looked up to her for.  She has this uncanny ability to have both roots and wings.  She stays grounded and loyal to her people while always being up to try something new..

Her wedding day was filled with friends from all her walks of life.  Friends from middle school, high school, college.. from when she up and moved to San Francisco and from her new home in Syracuse.. all gathered under one enormous tent to celebrate with her.  It was an amazing party and perfect celebration for two of my favorite people.

Welcome to the family Matthew.. and Lindsay, thanks for asking us to shoot your wedding so I didn’t have to come up with the perfect gift..

enjoy a couple hundred of our favorites.. (Michael said when your sister gets married your allowed to overshare.. hope that’s true..)



We don’t normally share family portraits.. but when it’s your family…

When Rocky Top comes on..

  1. jeanette j blaylock says:

    Oh my gosh,,, you Downing girls sure know how to plan a beautiful wedding!!! The scenery, the flowers,, holy cow.. Too bad no one had any fun!! haha. Kelly looks just Marilyn!! Chapin and Marilyn look just like their parents!
    Best wishes to the bride and groom!
    The photos were fantastic!!

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