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It’s been raining for I don’t know how long, and with our most recent engagement session, we were expecting the same thing. We even chatted with Sam & Terence when we were leaving for our beach engagement session because of the rain we were expecting. But we are soooooo glad they were good to roll with what happens because though the rain wass just over the horizon, it never hit us, and instead gave us some beautiful light to work with at Yorktown beach!

It was also on one of the busiest weekends we’ve ever experienced at Yorktown beach, with a concert going on right in the middle of the beachfront. But luckily we were able to find a quiet beach area to start. We were initially worried about the rain rolling in towards the end of their session, so we started on the water, where they both wanted to be photographed, and after we started, we just couldn’t stop!

Sam and Terence were so adorable together! From the first shot, their initial nervousness turned into laughter and excitement.  As we kept photographing, the spark between Sam & Terence just kept showing more and more, and we completely forgot about the potential rain! We spent most of our time on the beach with just them and us, having so much fun, and blown away yet again with the beauty of another stunning couple we are so blessed to call our clients! Everything was perfect!

We had a little hiatus from photography after they changed outfits. Terence and I found a woman who was having some car trouble in the parking deck, and though we tried a number of things, we couldn’t get her going. We were losing the light, and since she had already called her son to help her, and was on his way, we decided to finish our session. At this point, clouds had taken over the sky, but we were able to snap a few around the pier while the light was still around, and were even lucky enough to have one of the historic Yorktown sailing charters to float on by as a fun little bonus!

The rain had held off, and our beautiful evening on a quiet beach was just perfect! Sam & Terence, you guys were rockstars! Seriously, we’ve never had such a perfect late summer session on the beach before, and you guys were just so freakin’ adorable! Congrats!

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