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A huge part of what makes photographing weddings so fun for us is to see how every couple does it differently, whether they do everything themselves, or go for an all inclusive, And that turns every wedding into something unique and exciting. Our first May wedding we had a 28-person bridal party, episcopal church ceremony, & Richmond ballroom party reception, but this one had just 2 bridal party members on each side, small family & friends ceremony, and quaint sit-down dinner reception at a restaurant on the water. Allison & Todd’s wedding was so personal, and we got to be so involved with the two of them and their precious families. We felt like we were more friends than vendors…

We started at Allison’s parents’ beautiful house in Virginia Beach. We were there with Allison, her maid of honor, and her parents, and that’s was everyone! We spent the morning photographing details and Allison getting ready with all the beautiful natural light pouring through the windows of a warm summer day, much different to the freezing sunrise engagement session. Seriously, I don’t think our hands have ever been so cold! Allison & Todd were also our first couple of the year to do a first look, and Todd’s stunned expression when he turned to see Allison in her dress for the first time reminded us of why we love first looks SOOOOOO MUCH! Having a moment with each other before the wedding to laugh, cry, dance, whatever it is… All of our couples that have done a first look, have loved it.

After the ceremony, and part way through the reception, we experienced one of the best best-man speeches we’ve heard for sure! Todd’s brothers wrote a speech sharing the countless reasons that made these two so meant for each other, and in the process making us feel even more part of these two’s lives! Allison’s long time close friend/man of honor also shared so many fun stories from their childhood together. And to top it all off, instead of party favors, Allison & Todd had a gift for everyone, a handcrafted cookbook, with recipes and photos from their past, and even a few engagement shots in there too!

Everything from Allison & Todd’s big day felt so tightly knit and everyone there was part of their story, making the day one not so giant, but soooo very close family. It was such an amazing wedding day, and we are so blessed to be a part of these two’s beautiful story! Congrats Allison & Todd, we love you guys!

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