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It’s no secret that we LOVE first looks.. I don’t really know many photographers who don’t love first looks actually.  They create such an amazing timeline and provide more time for photos.. so obviously we are a fan.  But I never want to recommend something to our couples that I’m not 100% confident in… so after a wedding we always ask our couples who choose to do a first look what they thought of the experience… and 100% of the time they say they would recommend it to other brides.. we have never had a bride who wasn’t happy with their decision to do a first look.. in fact we’ve only ever had brides who choose not to do a first look say that they wish they had!

So here are some exact responses from a few our our sweet couples who were asked what they thought of their first look.

Yes we did, and we are soo happy you recommended it! I think it helped calm our nerves so I wasn’t crying during the ceremony. It was also nice to have that moment before the ceremony and you took some really beautiful photos during that time. Extremely happy with the decision! – Kelly & Rich

When Michael and Laura first brought up the idea of a first look, I was totally against it. I thought to myself, you aren’t supposed to see the bride before the ceremony and it’ll take away from that moment when I walk out with my Dad. However, the more I thought about it and the more I saw how much my Michael really wanted to do it – I was all for it! And it was amazing and it didn’t take away from the moment I walked out with my Dad. If anything, it made it even more emotional (in a good way!)! It was like the calm before the storm. It was one moment, just for me and Michael, before all the crazy with the wedding officially started. It was exactly what I expected it to be and I would toooooootally 110% recommend any and every bride and groom to do this! – April & Michael

We are so happy we did a first look. It made us so much more relaxed for the actual walk down the aisle and ceremony! I highly recommend it as well. – Megan & Spencer

We loved the first look, I think it may have been my favorite part of the whole wedding. 🙂 I would definitely recommend it to other brides. It saved us on time and we loved getting some time alone together to relish in our moment. – Rachel & John

We did a first look and loved it! You all did an amazing job capturing all the emotions that come with a wedding. You also helped us set aside some major nerves prior to walking down the aisle. – Annie & Patrick



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