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Every engagement session I pause and remind the couple with a little squeal “ahh you’re getting MARRIED!” We get pretty excited for our couples and love that the engagement session is a preparation for the wedding day.. not just that you’ll be more comfortable in front of our cameras.. but that it’s an hour or two when you just get to be together.  You get to focus on each other, spend time together, and love on each other.  Well, I said this same thing to Gina and Justin towards the beginning of our session and all at once their eyes started to swell up and they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.  It was the sweetest moment where the two of them really took in that they would soon be married.  The chaos of planning and decision making and stress was put on pause and they took it all in.  This is why we love engagement sessions so much!
We spent the rest of the engagement session taking in Richmond and all it’s fall glory at the beautiful Libby Park, walking around a few streets nearby and looking out on the James River and Richmond skyline from this gorgeous outlook. Then, we headed over to Rocketts Landing for just a few more. In every spot we went to, Justin would spin Gina around, and it was the cutest thing ever! They just couldn’t have been more adorable together.
Gina & Justin, we had an absolutely blast with you two, and can not WAIT for the wedding day!

Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement10 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement11 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement12 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement13 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement14 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement15 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement17 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement16 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement18 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement19 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement20 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement21 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement22 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement24 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement23 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement25 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement26 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement28 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement27 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement29 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement30 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement35 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement31 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement32 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement34 Libby-Hill-Richmond-Skyline-Engagement33

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  1. Marcia Lundie says:

    These pics are beautiful ❤️each one ,Love is surely in these pics ,can’t wait to see you get married God has big plans for both 😊

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