Kela & Austin | MARRIED!

My cousin Kela is one of those special breeds of people who can instantly make you feel like a best friend.  She loves deeply and laughs contagiously.  She has a fierce sense of style, a heart for the strangest of things – like going to the dentist, or saving bugs from being squished (which she did twice after putting her wedding dress on), she is passionate about the things she loves and has a heart like no one I’ve ever known.  I had met Austin a couple of times, since they had dated in high school.. but when she brought Austin to Christmas morning with our family last year with a big ‘ole diamond ring on her finger, I knew he was the perfect person for Kela.  I could instantly see that same deep love, contagious laugh, and passionate heart in him.. and I’m so happy he is now a part of our family.

Kela and Austin’s wedding day was just perfection.  They started their day together at the James River, getting baptized and focusing their lives and their marriage around Christ. They were married at Hope Church, where they met in high school and where they were just before they got engaged on Christmas Eve.. They had a bridal party of 24 friends and family members and were surrounded by so, so much love.  Kela had the sweetest first look with her dad with all the tears and tight long hugs.  And a dance party to rival any.




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Karen Roa, Aleen Floral Design 

BAKERY | Shyndigz

ICECREAM TRUCK | Boyer’s Ice Cream

Annalise Bridal Boutique

VENUE | Hope Church

Be sure to check out Christy Stevens amazing video.

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  1. Jeanette Jorgensen Blaylock says:

    Fabulous pictures of a fabulous day! Everyone looks so happy!
    Marilyn and Alison,,, no fair,,, ya’ll don’t age . You two are just as beautiful as your Mother!

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