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We encourage all of our wedding couples to make time for an engagement session with us, before their wedding, regardless of how much time you have before your wedding. If you can fit it in your schedule, we will make the time to put you guys in ours. Even if you are getting married in a month, like Maggie & Alex, getting married the first weekend of June, we still want to spend some time with you. We think this is such a crucial part of the wedding process because we will probably be the people you will spend most of the wedding day with, and we want you to feel comfortable with us, and your engagement session is a perfect time to warm-up… (we are a little crazy).

Along with that, we also get a chance to become familiar with you guys, knowing your most flattering poses, what you guys are comfortable with, and what makes you laugh. We traditionally have to warm up our clients to laugh, as it is not something that naturally comes about when one of you is nuzzling in (almost uncomfortably close) to your face… unless you are Maggie & Alex. Seriously, the second photo we took on the day was the first one in our post. Maggie let us know that taking photos often makes her laugh, and she wasn’t joking. Almost every pose we put them in, she just couldn’t stop laughing.. she kept apologizing, but we assured her, that’s what we LOVE. ¬†We want to capture joy and there was no shortage of that with this session. They are just sooooooo happy together!

We met them at Fort Monroe, and at a completely different side than we had been before. These two met at a pool so water is a big part of their love story, so we wanted to get some photos on a beach. We spent the first half exploring the fort, where we found THE MOST DREAMY light in the fort, with some giant trees, with winding trunks, and a curvy walking path cutting right through. Then we headed to the beach, and enjoyed the cool breeze, and caught that golden hour light.

Maggie & Alex, we had so much fun with you guys at Ft. Monroe, and can’t wait for your wedding next month!


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