Outer Banks Styled Shoot

We know that this gorgeous (future Michael Laura bride! YAY!) has been on our blog already this month, but we felt it’s high time we share our styled shoot From last year. It was featured on Tidewater & Tulle back in January, and we absolutely LOVE the photos they chose to share, but let’s be honest, we took way more!
It was our first styled shoot ever, and we got to work with some amazing vendors that helped us turn our vision into a reality. and though we didn’t have a groom for our bride, she didn’t need one… She rocked that bridal style shoot, even in the gale force winds and the sub 50° temperature. We count ourselves lucky when we work with a bride that can pull off either a gorgeous model face, or a joyful laughter, but with Kela we got both! Seriously… and she asked us to shoot her wedding coming up in September so GET EXCITED!
As for how the whole thing came together, we feel pretty good about it. It may have not been the best idea to start our styled shoot experience outside, and on the beach, where you can’t control the weather, or the wildlife, but that’s how we roll (though I think next time we will choose somewhere we can control external factors a little more…). The chic, glam, beach style really came through the tableware and cake, and the gold sequin top with sheer tulle dress really balanced out the fun and quirky with the classy romance that we were going for. But enough of us babbling a long describing it when you can scroll through our entire day!  We did spend an entire day there – we couldn’t stop snapping away… (except for when we needed a break from the wind and the blistering cold!).

Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (1)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (40)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (44)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (41)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (43)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (42)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (39)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (38)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (37)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (36)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (28)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (35)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (33)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (34)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (32)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (31)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (30)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (27)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (29)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (26)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (24)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (25)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (23)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (22)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (21)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (20)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (19)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (18)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (17)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (16)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (14)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (15)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (13)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (11)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (9)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (8)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (6)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (5)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (4)Glamorous_Rustic_Outer_Banks_Bridal_Styled_Shoot (2)
A special shout out to all our amazing vendors below, and we hope we get another chance to work with you soon.

Venue: First Colony Inn (Historic Inn & Wedding Venue Nags Head | Outer Banks, NC)
Stationary & Florals: Kamesha @ Ava Loren Design
Hair:  Markia Robinson
Makeup: Sara @ Sara Lou Bell
Styling & Coordination: Jacquelyne @ Group Wed DC

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  1. I had so much fun working with you all on this shoot and everything turned out so beautiful ???

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