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We’ve been using 17hats as our client management system for over two years. And while we don’t think it’s a perfect system, we love what it has done for our business… and our sanity! While there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with 17hats, here are our top three that we love, and now can’t live without.

The first and the best thing about 17hats is how easy it is for us to send our clients a quote, contract, and invoice all in one fell swoop. They are all linked, so when our clients receive a quote from us, that quote will direct them to our contract for them to sign digitally, and afterwards they get sent straight to the invoice. The ease of this lets our clients complete the entire thing at once. It is all branded with our name and logo, which leads us straight into our second key point.

This makes us look more professional, and FEEL more professional. Just about all of the information that our clients would get from us goes through a single software. That software matches our branding, with our logo and business name. Because of this, we feel more organized, and that shows through our process. This then turns into providing a better client experience! 

17hats simplifies our own workflow. Instead of sending multiple emails with pdf attachments, and mailing contracts, checks, and questionnaires, everything goes through 17hats. From initial quote through their final payment, all of it is included. Its also consistent, and we have all of our clients in 17hats,  so we know where each of our clients and potential clients are in their wedding process without having to search old emails, or flip through stacks of papers. Every part of the project is saved in our account as well, so when we meet with prospective clients, all we have to do is tweak a few things and everything for our new client is ready to go. These are just a few of our favorite parts of 17hats, and we don’t quite know how we survived before…

Below are a few snapshots from a sample test that we use to continually improve the experience our clients get.

 17hats 02

This is what our clients see when they first get a quote from us…

17hats 03

This is what they see once they click to view the quote…

17Hats 01

If anyone’s got questions about 17hats themselves, please let us know and we can share what we have learned so far. And if you are already a 17hats user, share your favorites!

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