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Its been over a month since we started our kitchen remodel, so we thought we should share an update on our first big change… Cabinets! We never really loved the bland unstained wood color that our cabinets had before. However, we didn’t really know how to fix them as opposed to replace them because they had a light sheen finish on them that we did not want to try and remove. So, we talked to our wonderful friends at Home Depot, and they told us that we could just clean it very well and use a bonding paint as a primer, and then coat it with the new color.  We were at first a little skeptical, but we just went for it anyways. And wow did it work waaaayyy better than we thought! We didn’t use any fancy tools or sprayers, just paintbrushes and rollers, and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! We decided to keep them close to white, as we were repainting our walls a shade of grey. Though we love our fun yellow and blue colors, we thought it was time to modernize.

During this time we also got our appliances (Its amazing how much you appreciate an ice maker when your old one has been broken for the past year…first world problems!)! We bought a Samsung bundle from Home Depot, and We LOVE the stainless steel look, and are trying to keep it as brand new for as long as we can (we have yet to take the plastic off of our fridge!). We absolutely love how our kitchen is turning out, and couldn’t be more excited to share what’s next… granite countertops!


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