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When we moved into our little condo 4 years ago our kitchen was BROWN.  Not a pretty taupe.  A dark BROWN.  AND our kitchen doesn’t have any windows in it! Which is the worst, but we just couldn’t have a kitchen with no windows painted dark brown!  Ridiculous.  So our first step after moving in was to paint the kitchen the brightest, most fun colors we could come up with.  We settled on BRIGHT yellow and baby blue.  And we LOVED it.  It might take people’s eyes a second to adjust when they walk in, but that’s just how we like it.  It’s bold and crazy and totally us.  But we decided we should become adults.. and not have a kitchen that looks like it was designed by 6 year olds.
We also want to sell our house in a year or two.. so we decided it was time for an upgrade.  Time for new appliances, counter tops, and a less insane color pallete… that normal people would like when they went searching for a house.  And something that we could enjoy for the last few years we are here.
So right now our kitchen looks like mid-episode of Fixer Upper, but we want to show you some “befores” so you can be super impressed with our “afters” in a couple weeks.

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  1. jeanette blaylock says:

    it’s adorable !!
    looking forward to the AFTER!!

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