Amanda & Kris

We had such an amazing time at this engagement shoot, because Amanda & Kris made our jobs so easy.  They just fit into each other’s arms, laughed so much, and loved so hard during our shoot.  They were so much fun and were willing to shoot anywhere.  And Kris was amazing.. so often guys aren’t too excited about engagement sessions and it can be really evident during a session.  But we’ve been so lucky with grooms who are really there for their brides and know how important it is to them.  (we LOVE it!!!)  And Kris was definitely one of these guys.

Amanda & Kris chose to have their engagement session at Fort Monroe, in Hampton.  I had never been there before, but I am ready to head back at any minute! It was a gorgeous location with so much variety.  If you’re looking for a great e-sesh location, this is it.  We got there early and roamed around for a bit before Amanda & Kris arrived and picked out a few great locations. However, once they arrived and we went to meet up with them, we found a whole new area of the fort!  This place is huge!!!  I could have shot there all day!


Enjoy some of our favorites from this gorgeous, travel themed engagement session at Fort Monroe..

fort-monroe-travel-engagement (1)fort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagement

Amanda & Kris are headed to Italy for their honeymoon!  (We went to Italy as one of our honeymoon stops, and it was amazing.. y’all are going to LOVE it!).  And they are having a travel theme for their wedding!  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

fort-monroe-travel-engagement (1)fort-monroe-travel-engagement (1)fort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagementfort-monroe-travel-engagement





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