Vacation without Tusker

Six months ago, we were at a brewery when we saw this ADORABLE pup (in case you missed the story)! Since then, we have had a lot of firsts. First time road trip to the beach, first time running away (he is a VERY strong dog… especially when he gets startled), and now the first time leaving him for over a night (I have left him a few times with work travels, but Laura has always been around). We have a friend taking care of him while we are gone for the 10 days we are in Hawaii. And though we are SUUUPPPERRRR excited to spend 10 days in the Hawaiian sun and sand, we will definitely miss him a lot! This goofy, always friendly, never barks (like we have heard him bark maybe 10 times), and sniffer of a patch of grass for 3 hours, hound of ours will not be coming with us, even though he could fit in the carry-on bag, as long as they don’t weigh it…

From these photos, you can tell that Tusker is kind of crazy. His regal look, strange running style, dangerous calf-destroying tail, and goofy front-paw-in-the-air-like-a-soccer-goalkeeper jumping style, all point to one perfectly strange dog. He is nuts, in just about every way, just like us! But what Tusker also does more than anything is relax. This is something I think we can actually learn from. So, we are just following suit, and spending some time dedicated to relaxation, in Hawaii. Laura & I both like to keep busy, start projects before we finish others, and take on too much at once, so we will be learning from our adorable brewery pup the ways of relaxation.

Keep your eye on the blog, and especially Laura & My Instagram while we are gone, because we have a few things that we are really looking forward to sharing!



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