10 Things you didn’t know about Michael

My husband Michael is a little strange, but I love everything about him including all of his kinks and crazies… Here is just 10 things that make my husband who he is (believe me, I could write more).

  1. He rides a motorcycle, and his Dad is the one who gave him the idea.
  2. He is a REALLY clean eater. His plate normally looks like it could go straight back into the cupboardĀ & he rarely drops anything out of his burrito or taco.
  3. He seems to cut himself constantly. NOT like nmber 2, he could probably do with spending a little more care when he is cutting things.
  4. His blood bleeds red, as in Red Devils, as in Manchester United Football Club!
  5. It takes him a LONG time to read a book. It probably takes less time for an author to write the book as it does take Michael to read it.
  6. Michael loves Math. In fact, he and his roommates used to spend their nights dividing 6 digit numbers with a beer in hand. Need proof, ask Paul Cauchon.
  7. He played the trumpet for 9 years, and used to play in the VCU Pep Band. (Recently on the Today Show)!
  8. He climbed Mount Kenya when he was 15, and it actually was the first time he remembers seeing snow at the same time!
  9. He broke his leg at 11 months old trying to climb down the stairs (the story gets funnier when the cast he got fell off in the parking lot of the hospital because his leg was too small). That was just the start of his bone-breaking career.
  10. This last one is a little weird but Michael can’t touch his pinky to his thumb on his left hand. Like at all. He can touch them together with his right, but definitely cannot hold the ‘three’ symbol up with his middle fingers (This could have to do with number 9).

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