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Michael and I planned our own little (ehhh.. not so little) DIY barn wedding on our own.  From the cake, to the rentals, to the set up, to the decor, we did it all on our own.  And we loved it.  People thought we were crazy.  And we were, but the craziest thing we did was try and handle the day-of stuff on our own.  If you asked me the one thing I wish I had on our own wedding day, it would, without a doubt, be a day-of-coordinator.  In fact, I think I’d have to say, I wish I had Jenny.

Michael and I have been to a lot of weddings.  And have worked with some incredible wedding professionals, but today’s guest blogger takes the cake.  This girl is a dream!!!  When it started pouring rain on my best friends wedding day, I had total confidence that Jenny was going to keep everyone calm, and make sure everything went perfectly (despite the hurricane).  And she did.  With limited cell service at this mountain top venue.  Changing ceremony spots, rerouting guests, moving the band, she handled it all flawlessly.  After all, she did manage a storm on her own wedding day (just wait to you hear that story).  The girl is amazing.

Without further ado, meet Jenny Keen of Keen Weddings!


Introduce yourself! 
Hey there! I’m Jenny 🙂 I’m a Virginia girl, born and raised. I love cooking (making it from scratch really does taste better!), coffee (addict alert!), spending time with my family, my pup- Macy, and of course…weddings! I married my high school sweetie in September of 2012 and we are having a blast living the #marriedlife.

What got you started?

I fell in love with the wedding world while planning my own wedding. I have always loved planning parties and events, but once I planned my wedding- I knew I had just stepped in to my destiny.

What is your favorite part about the wedding day?
There are just so many things that I love about weddings, but the Ceremony is my favorite time of the day. Watching the Bride walk down the aisle with the one person who has loved her and protected her throughout her whole life- immediately followed by that same person giving her away to her groom who is vowing to do just that for the rest of his life is a precious, precious moment.

Where are you located and do you travel? 
I am located in Richmond, VA- but LOVE to travel! I am happy to travel anywhere really. I do have travel fees for destinations outside a 50 mile radius from Richmond, VA.

What services do you offer? What’s the best way to decide which service to choose? And what sort of investment should I expect? 
I offer 3 different packages- a Full, Partial, and Basic planning package.

The Full planning package is for the bride who absolutely hates planning, is completely overwhelmed by a long to do list, and/or has no idea where to start. This package starts at $1600.

The Partial planning package is for the bride who has an idea of what she wants, enjoys planning- but maybe doesn’t love it, and who needs assistance keeping on track and managing the details. This package starts at $1200.

Lastly, my Basic planning package is for the bride who has a vision and plan for her wedding day, but is looking for someone to direct her perfectly written show. This package starts at $800.

Every bride and every wedding is different, which is why all of  my packages are completely customizable to fit specific needs…and is also why prices can vary.

Any funny wedding day stories? 
Shew…where to begin?!? I have witnessed some hilarious weddings and have handled many a crisis over the years…but my wedding day still takes the cake in terms of catastrophes turned beautiful.

Weddings are SO unpredictable. You plan and plan and ultimately- something is going to go wrong. My wedding is a prime example of this!

I planned my wedding to a T! Getting married at my almost mother&father-in-laws farm was the ideal location for me…however, outdoor weddings can be especially unpredictable. I was prepared for rain, sleet, and an all around crappy day…just in case that’s what I got!! Of course, a super-cell micro burst decided to show up 15 minutes before my ceremony and destroy the ceremony space and most of the reception space!! A few tears were shed and then I brushed the dirt off, pulled up my big girl panties, and reminded myself of what matters- marrying the man of my dreams!!! We ended up transforming my almost mother&father-in-laws living room into a ceremony space in minutes and got hitched right there…with an amazing 160 people somehow crammed around us. It was beautifully intimate and after we said our “I Do’s” a double rainbow appeared outside…it doesn’t get more magical than that! I wouldn’t change a thing about my wedding day. Besides, that experience has allowed me the perspective and ability to manage any disaster that is thrown my way on the wedding day.

What’s your favorite wedding trend?
I love that meaning and personalization is trending! Couples aren’t afraid to do their own thing! Special moments that bring out family traditions, personalities, and Bride & Groom favorites make the day even more special and memorable.

If you could give one tip to future brides, what would it be? (Besides the obvious, make sure you have a day of coordinator!)
This is a tough one. Other than obvious- get a coordinator lol…I’d say make a list. Make a list of the top 3 things that are most important to you on your wedding day. This should be done by both the Bride and Groom. Reminding yourself of those 3 things will help you focus on what’s most important throughout the planning process.

How can we contact you.. how can we book you?
​Inquiries can be submitted through my website-
​If you prefer, you can email me at-​




Thanks so much for guest blogging Jenny!  You’re amazing and we love you!

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  1. Ray Pugh says:

    Jenny was our Wedding Coordinator this past October and we couldn’t have been more pleased. She was a pleasure to meet with leading up to the big day and was a rock for my bride when our outdoor wedding was dampered by a hurricane. Our complicated event went off without a hitch and Jenny was an all-star.

    Keep in mind that this post was written by a groom… If I noticed how great Jenny’s work was then it’s something special. Happy wife, happy life!

    Michael and Laura are also fantastic, but if you’re reading this you are already well aware of that fact.

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