Picking an Engagement Session Outfit

One of our tips for getting the most out of your engagement session was to pick two outfits.  We suggest two outfits so you can have some variety.  But we wanted to give a little more detail than that.  I have a hard time picking out clothes in the first place, but picking out an outfit when I’m going to get professional pictures taken is like near impossible.  You want it to be “you”, you want it to be comfortable, you want it to be flattering, you want it to photograph well, you want to still like it when you get your pictures back and when you look back on those pictures 10 or 20 years from now.. And that is a lot of pressure to put on a dress.  So, we came up with a few things to help you narrow down your choices.

  • 2 outfits – Find one casual outfit, something you feel really comfortable in and that suits your personality, and one outfit that you’d wear for a date night, something you feel gorgeous and glamorous in.
  • Stay classic – Try to have these outfits be classic (I’d stay away from anything too trendy..) You want these to be timeless, not something your going to look back and say, “what in the world was I thinking”.  That being said, you definitely what to show off your style!!!
  • Coordinate – Avoid “matching” each other. Instead, pick coordinating colors.  Pick one or two coordinating colors, and let the rest be neutrals.  Or, if you’ve picked out a bright colorful dress, lay out solid neutrals for your guy.
  • Choose solids or bold patterns – Small patterns don’t photograph as well as solids or big bold patterns. Avoid tiny prints or thin stripes.
  • Flatter – Layering can become super flattering.  Adding a sweater or fitted jacket can be nice and slimming and a pair of heals is the most flattering for the female figure.
  • Stylize – Add fun bold accessories that show off your personality (think a statement necklace or a great pair of shoes).
  • Shoes – If you do pick an amazing pair of pumps, bring an extra pair of “walking shoes” so your feet aren’t killing you by the end.  We might have some distance between locations, so stay comfortable and bring a pair of flats for the walk.  And while I’m on shoes, avoid tennis shoes and spring for something stylish.
  • Keep your location in mind – If we are doing a picnic shoot, you probably won’t want to wear a cocktail dress.  So while you don’t want to “match” your location, think about what will fit.

How to do it?

  • Think about renting something fabulous from a site like Rent the Runway.  Then add a pair of nice heals and some great jewelry (or borrow from a friend!).  Finally, don’t forget to spend an extra bit of time on your hair and makeup – or splurge and pamper yourself by going and getting your hair and makeup done by a professional.
  • Need help picking between two outfits?  Just send us a picture, it wouldn’t be the first time we helped a couple decide!

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