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We have been Nikon photographers from the beginning. We started with a Nikon D80 and a D5000 several years ago, but have moved up quite a bit since then not only because we wanted to serve our clients better, but technology continues to grow. Nowadays, there is so much gear to choose from, so we thought we would share a little of what we use.

Our Main Cameras: Nikon D750. If you follow the camera world, this is one of the most recent releases from Nikon, boasting that it’s the best Nikon has to offer when it comes to capturing great light, focusing in all situations, and incredible ISO settings. Both Laura and I spent time in the darkroom, where we learned to appreciate keeping your images looking natural, like film photographs, & not pixeled like digital can be. With the D750, shooting at ISO’s as high as 6400 still look flawless and crisp, with full range going to 12800.

2015-09-09_0001Our Backup Cameras: Nikon D600. This was our first full frame camera, which we also bought when Nikon first released it. It had a new image sensor at the time that to this day still creates beautiful, natural images.

Our Main Lenses: Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8/ Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8/ Nikon 50mm F1.8. These lenses get us through 99 percent of a wedding day, covering just about all we would need in terms of distance, lighting, and flexibility. These lenses are perfect in capturing those amazing details around your wedding venue, that perfectly sharp photo of you during your first look, the closeup kiss after being pronounced during your ceremony, and those crazy dance moves you didn’t know your spouse had before your reception started. We will be going through these lenses soon to shed a little more light on when and why we use them.2015-09-09_0002

Our Camera Cards: SanDisk Extreme Pro, and Ultra Plus. We quickly found out that with the speed of our shooting in those crucial moments of a wedding, you need a card that can process those huge raw images as quickly as possible so that you can be sure you get that perfect shot. SanDisk Extreme Pro costs a pretty penny, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you are using a full frame camera, so that you are not waiting around for your camera to process the image.

Our Flashes: Nikon SB-800. These flashes are great for on-camera flash to evenly bounce the light off it’s internal bounce card, and off-camera flash to fill out an entire dance floor to create those perfectly lit shots of your guests celebrating the night away.2015-09-09_0003

Our Flash Battery Packs: Quantum Turbo. The SB-800 flashes run great with regular AA batteries, but to keep yourself from constantly changing batteries, we use battery packs to keep them firing longer and quicker, with faster recycle times from regular batteries, and more flashes firing in a charge.

Our Flash Syncs: PocketWizard TT1 and TT5 remote syncs. These are AMAZING! We like to keep our lighting situations as natural as possible, but when we need to fill in a little light, these guys push our options to endless. These remote syncs make your camera trigger them from outside of view, and also let you capture that flash at much faster shutter speeds as well.

We have more gear that helps us hold our flashes, our Impact light stands, carry all of our gear, our Kelly Moore bag, and process our images, our Macbook Pro. The important thing is to find what you like to use, and what gives you the results you are looking for. Use something different? Drop us a comment and let us know what’s in your bag.

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