Family Formals

Family formals can get a bit crazy.  Especially when you have a really large family. Here are a few tips to get you through this super important time without letting things get out of control..

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  • Make sure you give your photographer time.  We ask for 30 minutes to get 10 combinations down.  If our couples want to add any more than that, we suggest “budgeting” 5 minutes for each additional grouping.
  • Take your family formals outside if you can.  Going outside really helps when you have a lot of people.  It doesn’t feel so cramped and relaxes things a little bit. You’ll also have better light, which will make the pictures really beautiful.
  • Save the BIG groups for after the ceremony.  If you have any really large groups, have your DJ announce for them to gather as people are sitting down for dinner at the reception.  Groups of high school friends, your sorority sisters, or extended family – like cousins, aunts, and uncles – can be called over at this time.  This is a time where not much is happening and people are usually waiting around for a while anyways (especially if you have a buffet), so put that time to good use!
  • Please inform us of any family members that may not get along and/or may not want to be grouped with a certain other family members. Also please give details  about your family dynamic (e.g. divorces or passings) so that we can avoid any uncomfortable interactions during family formals. !!
  • Enlist a helper. It’s very helpful to have someone who knows all the members of your families (maybe the best man) to help us with this process.  It makes it a lot quicker and easier to arrange people when we know who is who!)


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