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Kelly Moore bags are amazing! Here I was thinking that all camera bags were the same. Don’t replace something if you have one that does the same thing, Right? NO. It’s like comparing Paint to Adobe Lightroom, they sort of do the same thing, but one is WAY better. First of all, Kelly Moore bags are designed with photographers in mind. As photographers,we are constantly adding new gear to our arsenal that can be awkward and all shapes and sizes. And Kelly Moore knows this because their founder is a photographer as well. The bags are completely adjustable to fit your camera bodies, lenses, and flashes the way you want them to. Their Velcro dividers keep each piece of equipment separated and protected. And they also have many pockets for storing items like extra camera cards or your backup battery.

You may already have a camera bag that you got in a kit, like we had, but for us, after adding just one lens, that bag became unusable unless we wanted to walk around with flashes popping out of your pockets. When Laura first showed me some of the Kelly Moore bags, all I could see was the price tag. And yes they definitely are not cheap, but their is a good reason for that. When we finally bought ours, I immediately could see the value of their bags. As photographers, we spend a lot to get the best equipment so our images look as amazing as they can be, so why not buy the best to protect it as well. This bag fit all of our camera gear in it, and when I say all, I mean two camera bodies, 5 lenses, two flashes, and all the memory cards and extras we need for a wedding. And that’s only at the bottom. The bag we bought was massive. We could add more equipment on top, and still close the bag. We knew we were moving to Kenya, so we wanted a bag that was big enough to keep all our gear in one place, was sturdy and protective enough to handle all the dirt and rocks that Kenya could throw at it, and something that could still fit in an overhead bin on a flight. At the time, we didn’t have all the gear we have now, so the bag doubled as a perfect overnight or weekend bag when we were traveling around during our time in Kenya. We were able to fit the gear we wanted, and still have plenty of space for our clothes and toiletries as well.  And it’s amazing how well it worked. Seriously, we still use it for more than just camera gear, and it still looks as good, and is as strong as it was when we first bought it.

Now that we are back, we are so excited to look at adding a new bag to our collection. Their bags cater to just about everyone, even if you are just starting out in photography. We LOVE our first one because it fit our needs perfectly, but now we are looking to grab one that is a little more mobile that we can walk around with throughout the wedding day. Our first bag is very big, and though we can fit everything in it, we can’t really spend a wedding day walking around with it on our shoulders because it’s just too big and heavy. We have a few in mind but, we are having a hard time deciding which one is best. Go and visit their store and let us know which one is your favorite!

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