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We love families.  We love arriving on a wedding day and feeling all the love surrounding a couple.  We love when our couples love on their guests.  We love celebrating ALL the people, events, and little things that got them to where they are now.  And this wedding had all of that.  It started out right, at Warner Hall, easily one of the most beautiful venues we’ve shot at thus far, but also a place that is set up for all those things we just listed.  This wasn’t just a wedding day.  It was a wedding weekend.. full of love and time spent together… with family.  And boy is this family amazing.

While Corinne was getting ready, Cindy, Corinne’s mother sat down on the couch in the getting ready room and froze.  She sat and watched the bridesmaids help her beautiful daughter into her wedding gown. She was just staring, like she was trying to freeze these last few moments of her daughter, looking radiant as ever, before she was married. Tears started to fall, but the smile on her face beamed the happiness and love she felt for her daughter, knowing that her husband to be, Jesse would take the best care for her little girl. She stayed there for several minutes, in the background just watching, and enjoying, and remembering. Throughout the rest of the day, every moment we looked back, we saw Cindy, with the biggest expression of love, and excitement for her daughter’s new life with Jesse. It was ADORABLE!

After the ceremony, as Corinne and Jesse walked down the stairs, and outside after sharing their first kiss as a married couple, the rest of the bridal party started filing out after them. Jesse’s brother, Justin, stepped outside onto the porch to join Corinne, Jesse, and the rest of the bridal party.  Justin’s eyes watered, it definitely wasn’t the rain that was falling beautifully around them on the porch. His older brother just started his new life with Corinne, and he became overwhelmed with tears.  Justin went over, and hugged his brother so tightly.  And you could feel the love radiating from them.

One minute of the father-daughter dance had passed, when a tap on Steve’s shoulder from Corinne’s grandfather signaled his request to have a moment to share with her. Cindy grabbed Steve and joined them on the dance floor. Another minute went by. Then Ben, one of Corinne’s brothers stepped in and took Corinne away from their grandfather, who went to steal a quick dance with his daughter, Cindy.  It was definitely the most adorable version of round robin ever, full of laughs and tears. These men, who care so much about Corinne, wanted to share an extra special moment on this day with this beautiful bride, sister, daughter, granddaughter, before she flew away to start a new life with her new husband. While we were tearing up behind our cameras, Sam, Corinne’s other brother swept in to spend the last minute of the dance with Cindy, his sweet mother in the background.  It was definitely our favorite version of a father-daughter dance we’ve ever seen.  It wasn’t just her father who wanted to spend some time with her alone on the dance floor, it was all the important men in her life.

We gathered all the single ladies onto the dance floor.  Corinne took her gorgeous bouquet and threw it behind her.  The sweet lil’ girl in the front grabbed it and ran to her parents all smiles.  We snapped a picture of her.  And then came time for the garter.  We put out a chair and Corinne went to sit as Jesse walked towards her.  But Corinne’s dad, Steve, cut in and grabbed the mic from the DJ.  “I gotta stop you right there, Jesse”.  He said he needed a minute.  And so quickly laughs turned to tears.. at least for me.  You see, Steve, had already opened the night with a speech.  He already welcomed everyone and said a few words.  But this time around he wanted to address the couple.  His daughter and her new husband.  And the love that this dad has for his only daughter is amazing.

I’m tellin’ y’all… this family.. they are beautiful.


2015-07-02_0001 2015-07-02_0002 2015-07-02_0003
2015-07-02_0006 2015-07-02_0007 2015-07-02_00052015-07-02_0008 2015-07-02_0009 2015-07-02_0010 2015-07-02_0011 2015-07-02_0012 2015-07-02_00132015-07-02_0026warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding

warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-weddingwarner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding 2015-07-02_00292015-07-02_0014

So in the middle of the ceremony it started to POUR.


Luckily, the GORGEOUS Warner Hall has an amazing spot for indoor ceremonies.

2015-07-02_0032 2015-07-02_0033 2015-07-02_0034 2015-07-02_0035

warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding 2015-07-02_0037

2015-07-02_0024 2015-07-02_0023 2015-07-02_0022 2015-07-02_0020

The gorgeous bride and groom with the two who started it all.. how stinkin’ ADORABLE must these four on a double date be!?

warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding 2015-07-02_0015

warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding 2015-07-02_0038 2015-07-02_0017

You ready for the cuteness?  Here it comes…

warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding 2015-07-02_0050 2015-07-02_0051

Goodness, I just LOVE these mommas..

2015-07-02_0052 2015-07-02_0018 warner-hall-inn-gloucester-virginia-navy-wedding

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  1. Cathryn Coffey says:

    THESE PICTURES LOOK GORGEOUS!! More importantly Jesse and Corinne look very happy! All the little details look great 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    These pictures and your wedding story are AMAZING! I love all the details that were captured (and I’m really rather jealous!) Congratulations you two! =)

  3. Cindy Lanning says:

    Such a beautiful commentary and collection of pictures!!

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