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It’s been up for about a week now.. and I still can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here!!!! We have been working so hard on our new blog & website and I am SO happy that it is live!!!  This re-launch of our brand has been a HUGE labor of love.  And we are so thankful for everyone who has helped us create our new brand!

We did four big giveaways last week, and if you missed ’em you still have today to enter!!! So go back and win a date night, win a $50 to Target, win some African goodies, or win a photography session with us!


win-target  a-full-photography-session-giveaway

While there are so many people who helped us put this together, we wanted to thank a few in particular..

  • My AMAZING sister/our designer for turning our hodge podge of ideas into a cohesive brand.  If anyone’s going through a rebrand and are on the fence about hiring a designer.. DO IT!  We’ll have to blog later about what a huge difference it makes.. Kelly, you are incredible.. I love you a million Swedish Fish.
  • Our BRIDES!!! We have always known we’ve been blessed with the sweetest couples on earth, but after asking our brides for some help and guidance in our rebrand, we were brought to tears (OK, I was brought to tears, Michael not so much).  We are so grateful for you all!  Read some of their sweet words about us on our new site!
  • Showit… especially John (turns out he’s a fellow Kenyan.. What a small world!).  This amazing company was so helpful during our quest to make the perfect site.  We used there live-chat feature like crazy and are so thankful for their patient, helpful, and quick responses.
  • ProPhoto!  Michael and I debated hard whether or not to invest in Prophoto to create our blog.  Though looking back, I’m not sure why.  It is a no brainer for photographers looking to brand their blogs!  And there tech support is out of this world.
  • The Academy .. That makes me feel a lot like a just won an Oscar.. I’d like to thank the Academy for this amazing honor.. sorry, focus Laura!.. We knew we wanted to learn from some of the best in the photo biz about how we should go about our rebrand and what we should be doing to make our business exactly what we wanted.  But while you’re living in Africa, your options are limited.  So when we heard about the Academy (an online school for photographers with some of the best wedding photography educators in the country!) we were sold.  The amazing Katelyn James (our own wedding photographers, Amy & Jordan (can’t wait to do an in-person workshop with them this month!), and Justin & Mary (who have some of the most beautiful hearts in the world) taught us like we were sitting in their living rooms (along with some other amazing photographers)… and an incredible group of super supportive photographers/classmates who answered countless questions and gave their input.  Thank you all for your INCREDIBLE words of wisdom, guidance, and support.  It was invaluable.
  • and YOU!  Thank you so much for your sweet words… for visiting our new sites, for commenting here and on Facebook, for sharing our posts, and emailing us sweet words of inspiration.. I can’t even tell you what a difference you’ve made in our last couple of days, or explain to you all how much your sweet, sweet words have meant to us!  To tell you the truth, rebranding is TOUGH.  Michael & I have been dreaming about rebranding our business for so long, and the fact that we have finally released it is just mind-blowing.  It has been so overwhelming making countless decision and being unsure if they are the right ones or not.  If those decisions will bring us more amazing clients like we’ve had, or will turn people away.  If they will allow us to love and serve our clients like we want to, or if we are making mistakes.  So, hearing from you all and reading your comments has been so uplifting.  Remembering how blessed we are to get to do this thing with love, that has brought so many amazing people into our lives, has inspired us and encouraged us like you couldn’t believe.  You are the reason we get to do this thing and we are so honored that you allowed us to be a part of your story.  So go enter our giveaways so we can give you a small little token to show how much we appreciate you.
Thank you all so much for joining us on this journey.  We love you and hope you love the new site.

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