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Corinne & Jesse | Rehearsal

Corinne & Jesse’s gorgeous wedding was seriously one of our favorites to date.  And as I sat designing their album, flipping through their beautiful day, reliving all the perfect little moments, I realized we hadn’t blogged ALL of their INCREDIBLE day  weekend.  That’s right.  These two got married at the breathtaking Warner Hall, which meant that they didn’t just have a day.. they had a weekend.  This amazing inn, right on the water, tucked away on the beautiful Gloucester land, can be rented out for the entire weekend.  Your guests can stay in their luxurious rooms, on the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on, seriously.. they are like clouds!  You can eat together, play together, and celebrate together.  And we were SO honored that we were asked to come stay the weekend with these two and shoot their rehearsal dinner.  So here are a few more images from their beautiful weekend..

LOVED these girls.. what an awesome group of friends you have, Corinne!

Because they had Warner Hall all weekend, Corinne and Jesse set out pictures of them all over the place.. it was adorable!!!


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