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Our Christmas!

We just took down our tree yesterday, and are still wishing that Christmas was longer. Last year, we spent Christmas with the kids at Happy Life, which was completely different. So this year, we REALLY got into the Christmas spirit. We had such a great time with both of our families… We secluded ourselves to the Beach in Duck, NC, and left our camera at home! But check out our Instagram to see everything we did, including the amazing gift that the family gave to Laura’s Mom, Marilyn. When it comes to my family, however, we take pictures all the time, and with our Niece Layla now in the picture (literally), how could you not! She is SO adorable!


Look at how cute she is!!!2016-01-13_00042016-01-13_00082016-01-13_00102016-01-13_00112016-01-13_00132016-01-13_00122016-01-13_00152016-01-13_00162016-01-13_00172016-01-13_00202016-01-13_00192016-01-13_0018

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