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Rachel & John | Engaged

We have taken pictures of this sweet couple before, but this time it was different.  They are getting MARRIED!  And I seriously could not be more excited for them.  I met Rachel about 5 years ago.  We were starting our teaching career at the same school and were at orientation together.  We went out to lunch together, at my all-time favorite lunch place (so pretty much instant friends).. and she told me she was going to stay at a hotel until she found a place in Newport News.  I had just bought a place, and it was COMPLETELY empty, but I had room, so I insisted she stay with me.  And so we became roomies.  And then the following year I was moved to teach third grade, so we became teammates.

Skip forward a few years and I get a call from Rachel.  I saw her name on my phone and I looked up at Michael and I said.. Oh my goodness.. she is engaged!  I knew she and John were going up to Winchester for the Apple Blossom Festival, one of Rachel’s favorite weekends.. and I just thought that would be the perfect place to propose.  I picked up the phone, and sure enough.. this sweet girl is getting MARRIED (nice job, John!).  And I get to be a bridesmaid!  Friend, roomie, teammate, and now BRIDESMAID!!! I am just so unbelievably happy for you two, and can’t wait to stand beside you while you marry the man of your dreams.  Love you both!

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You guys, it was like 97 degrees for this session.  In Newport News, so just think about the humidity.. could you even tell?!  These guys are troopers!  So I decided we should go to Ritas afterwards!  Thanks for the Mango Misto, John!!!

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