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In our business, we want to connect with our clients, we want to have clients-turned-friends. However, this wedding was the opposite… We’ve known Caitlin since high school, and Laura even roomed with her at Christopher Newport University! Through the years we’ve gotten to know Daniel more, and have just seen their relationship grow. They have a beautiful life together! Caitlin knows what she wants, is very determined, and has the sweetest heart! Daniel is a man’s man, hunting, fishing, (as you will see below), owns land, and is working on his residency currently in New Hampshire, after they moved from Norfolk. He’s also apparently heading into woodworking as well. He crafted the groomsmen gifts by hand… sanding down the wood handles on the knives, and straight up just making some serious mallets from scratch… I wish I was this manly. And with all that he does, he shares in all of it and more with Caitlin. Add in a super cute Dachshund (that unfortunately couldn’t be there for the wedding) and this couple couldn’t get any more perfect!

We were REALLY looking forward to this wedding because we knew how much fun these two can be, not to mention they had details for days, and were getting married at Fairview Farm in Powhatan, a stunning venue with wooden barns, a lake, and some rolling hills (This was our first time at Fairview, but hope we get another chance soon!)! Both sides of the bridal party stayed at Fairview the night before. This is something that we LOVE, because it means traveling is not an issue on the wedding day. Additionally, when we arrived that morning we got to share in morning mimosas with kimonos and an hour relaxing at the lake, doing some fishing.

Caitlin & Daniel have been together for several years, and from their wedding day you could really see the love shared by the rest of their families, for these two as a couple. Caitlin’s parents and sisters were helping with everything and anything, and Daniel’s father was not only serving some drinks, but oysters he caught as well! And Caitlin & Daniel’s bridal party speeches, one given by Caitlin’s brother, a groomsmen, were full of stories, how they were before, how they met, and everything leading up to this day.

The rain tried its hardest to keep us from photographing outside. Chairs were already set in front of the beautiful barn, when a few minutes before walking, the sky started falling.  Though they may have pushed the ceremony under some cover, they couldn’t stop us from capturing these two, potentially a little cold, and slightly wet, but definitely madly in love! After the ceremony, we had a few brief moments where the rain lightened up and we jumped at the chance to whisk Caitlin & Daniel away for a few of just them, before they joined the reception.

There were so many amazing moments from Caitlin & Daniel’s wedding, and we are so so lucky that we have clients, and friends that want us to be there for their entire day. Caitlin tearing up while they were exchanging vows, watching Daniel, as giddy and happy as I’ve ever seen a groom, walking down the aisle in the pouring rain, for the ceremony… These moments are what their guests will remember, because they are the moments that show off the love these two have for each other. Caitlin & Daniel, we are so thankful for letting us share this special day with you, we love you guys so much!

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Angela Simpson

IK Catering

Cakes by Casey

Route 64 Band

Tiffany’s of Richmond

Event Hair by Lauren


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